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"Shearing a Sheep" 


Date Range: 2001 To 2001   Comments: 3   Views: 19,181
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Sheep shorn. One early summer a few years ago I went with a friend to her grandparents farm. They had 2 sheep that needed to be shorn and asked if I wanted to help out. I said Oh Yah and I followed her old grandfather into the barn.

This guy was quite old and couldn't even walk very well, but he picked up the sheep and laid it on its side like it was nothing. Sheep are bigger than I thought, even under all that wool (fur?)

He took out these big edward scissorhand type blades and within 5 minutes he had the sheep entirely gone with its wool. As fast as those blades were moving man I thought I'd see some blood, but not a drop.

He brings over the other sheep and asks me if I want to try it so of coures I say Yah. He told me it takes a couple of months before they're ok with exposing their skin - they cut close to the skin - so they have to do it in early spring before it's too hot.

Those animals are so funny man! They are literally huge and like cotton balls then they're these scrawny looking goat things. The 'wool' though is kinda disgusting. It's hard and wiry. You'd like it'd be like fluffy cottonballs but its not.

So he gave me my edward scissorhands and told me what to do. I kept thinking I was gonna cut the sheep. I went really slow so I wouldn't. My hands got REally tired and I only got about half of one side done in an hour. After a bit I got more of a hang of the blades and could work faster, but still was tedious and slow going.

Her grandfather finished up after my hands just got too tired. I wasn't used to holding those things. I did nick the sheep once and it did a baa-baa but nothing too bad.

When it was over the sheep were really funny, they started kind of dancing around the guy. Reminded me of a dog after it's had a bath, running around all proud and excited.

It was funny but I'd never do it again.

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Member Since
Jan 2008
Irish C said:
posted on Mar 26, 2008
You did a baaa baaaad thing!

LOL! Cute story! Did the wool make you itchy?

Member Since
Aug 2007
Brian Childers said:
posted on Mar 26, 2008
i hate wool except when I ski

stuff is nasty really - it's coarse and itchy, ugh I can't see it becoming sweaters (those fug ones my gramma sends)

Member Since
Dec 2007
Sarah S said:
posted on Aug 12, 2008

images of dancing sheep in my head makes me smile! You are too funny! what a great experience!