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Date Range: 01/17/1970 To 07/05/2007   Comments: 7   Views: 10,583
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    I lost my father this year. He sunk into senility over time suffering from Alzheimer's. This last year was very hard on my mother, and hard on me and my sister watching him succumb in his mind. I want to remember my father throwing me in the air, pushing me on the swing, helping me with my homework, tickling me, scolding me for being out late, giving me away at my wedding, helping me out with a few dollars slipped behind my mother's back, fixing my car, looking out for me.

It's really important to capture those times. He was sick a long time, and honestly sometimes I have a hard time remembering him when he was healthy and happy. Those memories seem like such a long time ago, especially since the illness took him away from us mentally even before the physical side deteriorated.

My father was a happy, intelligent man who did a lot of fascinating things in his life. He told us wonderful stories of travel and people he met. At his funeral there were so many people there it was amazing, all coming to say nice things about him. Most of these people we didn't even know! But they all had stories about him when he did this or that.

A life, a world, that we knew so little about.

It's really important to capture those memories and stories before it's too late.

So to all my American friends: happy Thanksgiving and remember that even if you're famly is crazy and annoying and family get togethers can be difficult or stressful, just try to imagine NOT having them and somehow all the little stuff seems so much easier to bear :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends! This is a nice holiday that shold be celebrated worldwide.

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Member Since
Nov 2007
Not Hull said:
posted on Nov 22, 2007

While it is never great to lose a loved one, it is wonderful that you chose to blanket yourself with the "best" times and memories. All to often we forget how precious life is and tend to focus on mostly the negitives ( giving little thought to all the positives) I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Member Since
Nov 2007
Luther Lazaretto said:
posted on Nov 22, 2007

Gosh, I envy the people that are close to their fathers. My father and I have grown apart, he told me he truly doesn't believe in me, and doesn't feel I can accomplish what I want in life. It hurts when a loved one says this, I only wish we had what we once did before. Alex

Member Since
Aug 2007
Antje Wilsch said:
posted on Nov 23, 2007

Alex, your dad sounds awful. You sound like a better father to your son, now, than your father was to you. I don't mean to insult your father. Maybe you did terrible things that just caused him to lash out like that, but not being supportive of one's own child is wrong, in my opinion. No offense to him again, but don't listen to him. You can be whatever you put your mind to. Everyone has big regrets, from your stories it sounds as though you've overcome some real episodes in your life. Compared to you my life is a piece of cake, yet I still complain ;) It seems like if a parent gives up on a child, who's left? It's just wrong. antje

Member Since
Oct 2007
Kevin Wicker said:
posted on Jun 05, 2008
So Sorry...

I still have my Dad, but we almost lost him not long ago. It made me appreciate him much more, and all the old bitterness seemed to fade away. Your Dad will always be alive in your heart, and somewhere he's aware of you. You have all those happy memories. I must say -- out of respect for your dad -- he brought up some STUNNINGLY beautiful daughters. Peace.

Member Since
Aug 2007
Antje Wilsch said:
posted on Jun 06, 2008

Kevin you're a dollbaby. :) I miss him terribly. I had a wondeful father. There is something special about a bond between a dad and his daughters. The protector, the hero. He was the only male in the house ;) antje

Member Since
May 2009
Klarity Belle said:
posted on Jun 11, 2009
Your Dad

The way you describe your memories of him growing up and even beyond (slipping the dollars behind your mum's back) describes perfectly what a wonderful father he was. Lovely to read how you treasure your memories.

Member Since
Aug 2007
Antje Wilsch said:
posted on Jun 22, 2009
he killed spiders well too ;)

I missed him a lot yesterday!