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"A Letter From My Father" 


Date Range: 1970 To 07/05/2007   Comments: 9   Views: 23,945
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When my father first started getting sick, he would good days and bad days. Eventually the bad days took over completely, and shutting down his body, but when his mind first started to go and he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's he sat and wrote 4 letters: one to me, one to my sister, one to her son Rocky my nephew, and one to my mother, his wife.

This is our first year without my father, although he had been sick for a long time. The day is bittersweet and sad as I listen for his voice from christmas's past and laughter of long grown children.

I am posting my father's letter to me here, because it's so beautiful and meaningful on Christmas Day.

My dearest Liebchin,

Antje Aemlie, I write this letter to you not simply as your father, not as the person whose body parts made it possible for you to grace our lives, but as a man and a protector. My body created a life, and there is no greater joy in this world than being able to say that. Except for one - the knowledge that this little being I helped to create is a good person, a person of character and someone will build substance in this earth.

We spend such a short time on this earth. We are but beings passing through a time and space continuum and our time is fleeting. I often have thought and pondered dinosaurs and their lumbering bodies and how long they were here. Humans are a special breed of animal but we have been here a mere fraction of their existence. Shall we too perish one day, an outside force or one of our own doing?

I'm afraid I have no wisdom to impart to you. I hope only that what I have shown through my words and actions through these many years have shown you the type of person I am, and I hope that you have found this person worthy of the love you have shown.

Little girls have a special bond with their fathers. When you were born and I held your little fingers gripping mine, and looked at your smooth skin and big eyes - you never cried - watching us, the world, trying to figure out what was going on, the rush of love I felt was unlike anything I have ever experienced.

Antje I have sat with diplomats, heads of corporations, heads of state. The favorite place I have felt best is sitting with my family. My memories of dinners in our house whether snowy and cold outside, warm with the fire inside, or balmy and begging for a walk to the forest, is where I felt a firm footing on this earth and part of this life.

When you look at a family with contentment and hear about your troubles and worries, did you know that when you were little you never used red crayons because crayons reminded you of blood and blood meant hurting, I am humbled to be part of adding to this world.

One of these days you will be without me. I am to this day unsure what lies beyond. My beliefs are that we shall always remain a part of a larger existence and my love for you, my daughter, knows no bounds.

Antje, be a good person. Treat other people well and be fair. Remain true to you who are, and any strength you can ever derive from me is the greatest gift that I can bestow on you.

You are my little Liebchin, my love, my daughter, my life.

Your loving Father

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Member Since
Nov 2007
Luther Lazaretto said:
posted on Dec 26, 2007

Hello Antje, it's Alex.. Don't think I'm a chump for saying this, but I nearly cried when I read the letter your father gave you! It's so moving and real, you can feel his love for you when you read this letter, I'm sorry that you have to spend the holidays without your father, but atleast his well being seemed to have passed on to you, again, I'm sorry for your loss. Alex

Member Since
Jan 2008
Irish C said:
posted on Feb 21, 2008

Thank you for sharing this lovingly written letter, I know you must cherish this with all your heart.

Member Since
Mar 2008
emily sanchez said:
posted on Apr 04, 2008

Being a Daddy's girl too, I almost cried and wished my father had thought to write me a letter... something I could stil have. I have pictures and memories, and thats it. You are so lucky to have this to read a thousand times... I envy you. :)

Member Since
Dec 2007
Sarah S said:
posted on Apr 05, 2008

What a beautiful way to honor your dad and express the love that was shared between you and your father. Thank you for sharing such a personal and touching momento from your life. It brought tears to my eyes.

Member Since
Aug 2008
Fred Rump said:
posted on Aug 22, 2008
he must have been quite a guy

He gave you a wonderful gift with his words. You can read them, hear them and treasure them. But pray tell, why Liebchin instead of Liebchen? Was that some kind of special thing between you?

Member Since
Aug 2007
Antje Wilsch said:
posted on Aug 23, 2008
he was, and he's missed ....

I don't know, he always spelled it like that. I copied. He wasn't German born. Most of the time he said Liebling actually :)

Member Since
Aug 2008
Lisa S. said:
posted on Aug 27, 2008

Thank you for sharing that Antje, when I lost my dad, I had so many things to say and ask. I never got that chance, unfortunately. It so holds true that saying that life is measured not by how many breaths we take but on how many moments take our breath away. Seems like he had many, many of those moments just how he was able to describe his pureness of heart. Sorry for losing him sooner than you may have expected.

Member Since
Aug 2007
Antje Wilsch said:
posted on Aug 30, 2008
Oh Lisa

I'm sorry too. I love your phrasing. I too am sorry your daddy isn't with you - listen to us, daddies girls :) :) :)

Member Since
May 2009
michael arrington said:
posted on May 10, 2009
Thank You

Thank you for sharing that. I'm not sure I would have if it were me, it's so personal. But you made the world a slightly better place when you did. I love that you didn't use red crayons because they " reminded you of blood and blood meant hurting"