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"Affair of the Heart" 


Date Range: 01/01/1950 To 12/31/2007   Comments: 1   Views: 14,191
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My dear sister Adele's husband Ronald passed away at the age of 60. She never told him that she had had a passionate affair when they were married, an affair that almost ruined their marriage and the lives of others.

I won't name him, the other man, but he was also married. He saw my sister at a charity event and was immediately smitten. He followed her around for months, asking her to work on various committees knowing she couldn't say no to anyone, getting to know her.

They began their affair a year after they met. He was persistent. I think in her hearts of hearts she didn't want to, but she was attracted to this powerful man who showered her with attention and affection.

The other partner in crime was a high ranking person of the Louisiana legislature. A man who upheld high morals as his compass point for guiding him in his righteous path as he made decisions that affected everyone in the state, from wealthy land owners to the poorest of the poor.

His wife and he put on a public facade that was admirable. Little did they know he was carrying on a torrid affair - with my sister.


Adele started having regrets immediately but she said he told her the dead can't be undead / the bell cannot be unrung, so just have some fun with it.


Then one day he most likely got bored because he didn't show up for one of their meetings. He wouldn't return her calls. That was the end. A real class act that one.

She wasn't devasted, she knew what kind of man she was. But it was definitely a blow to her ego.

Ronald was dead two years later. Adele never told him, and I can say I'm glad she didn't.

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Marciano Guerrero said:
posted on Jan 04, 2010
Affairs of the heart

No matter how strong humans try to be, no one is free from temptation. Which makes me think that the original sin is part and parcel of each and everyone of us. Nicely worded story!