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"Sweet Summer 2001: part 1" 


Date Range: 05/01/2001 To 08/31/2001   Comments: 2   Views: 6,412
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"It's never going to get here! I am going to miss it! It's never going to get here!"  I couldn't stop pacing my tiny studio apartment.  I had less than a week before I was leaving for Ireland and my passport still wasn't here.  Several of my co-workers had stayed the night because we had a training that morning and they lived too far away with no transportation.  Julieana, Jose, and Eloy were watching me pace, they had long since stopped trying to tell me it would be okay.  I was a lost cause at this point, so they watched, the amusment on their faces barely masked, but I didn't care.  My cousin was getting married in Ireland in two weeks and I had procrastinated sending in for my passport.  I finally applied for it, got everything taken care of and now it was a waiting game.  It was June, it was hot, and my mother was going to kill me when she found out I still didn't have it.  
    All of my anxiety was finally eased when the passport came, two stomach-churning days before I was to leave.  My friends were relieved on my behalf, they were excited for me, and excited for themselves, I was leaving them with my keys so they could use the pool.  In honor of my being gone for the summer (I was leaving for Mexico just one week after I returned from Ireland), they threw me an impromptu pool party.  I suspect it was merely a ploy to get into the pool a day early, but I went along, we had a lot of fun.  They even bought me a cake.  We swam and played and we had a great deal of fun, then Lauren, or perhaps it was Sarah, took a handful of gooey, chocolatey cake in her hand and smashed it in my face and arms and, well, pretty much everywhere.  I was a mess! So, I walked the three hundred yards or so back to my apartment to clean up, dripping pool water as I went.  
    I was washing up in my small studio bathroom when the phone rang.  I turned quickly so that I could answer it, when disaster struck!  As I turned on the now wet linolium floor, my feet slipped out from under me.  My spinning fall caused my back to hit the door frame and my right foot to slam into the bathroom wall.  I was in pain, I also still had a ringing phone.  I decided to grit my teeth and get the phone.  I answered and it realized at once it was my little brother, who informed me that he was standing outside my door, which was unlocked.  Instead of just knocking or coming in like a normal person he had caused me injury and I was not happy.  I shoved him out of my way and walked back down to the pool.  Gradually, as I was walking, my foot began to tingle, then throb, then hurt, and as I opened the gate to the pool I collapsed.  I was no longer able to stand on my foot.  My friends helped me into a chair and when I looked down, my toes had begun to swell and were turning a lovely shade of black!
    Lauren and Sarah drove me to the Emergency Room and I asked my brother to tell my mom what had happened.  When I called her from the hospital, he still had not said a word, simply went to bed, but that is a story for another day!  It was after 10pm, I was in the emergency waiting room, and we were leaving for the airport at 5:30am the next morning.  The kicker, no pun intended, I had not packed yet for my two week journey to Ireland!  As I crawled around my messy, studio apartment (that's right I said crawled, right foot in the air behind me) I managed to finally find enough clothes for the two week trip, plus at least one dress (for the wedding) and my friend drove me to my parents house.  I did laundry until it was time to leave.  It was miraculous but I was ready when we walked out the door!  My mom was irritated, my brother was stoked because well, an invalid for a sister means first on the plane because I'm in a wheelchair/on crutches and needed an escort.  22 hours later (16 of which were on planes, with a foot that required elevation) we arrived in Dublin.  I was taken on a motorized cart through customs and waited for my family on the other side.  We travelled around the Southern half of Ireland for two weeks.  It was amazing. It was green and beautiful and so very different from anything I had ever experienced before.  
The people were so nice.  Who taught me to use my money you ask, or, well maybe you didn't but I am going to tell you anyway, the 16 year old girl at McDonald's.  Now I ask you, if you walked into a McDonald's in the United States, do you think the 16 year old running the cash register would A) know how to convert currencies and be capable of explaining how to use the American dollar or B) would give a crap that you didn't understand?  I am thinking that it's a fat chance that you would get any help.  But I digress, so we travelled, visiting castles, pubs, gardens, the Waterford Crystal factory, where we watched as the blew the glass, shaped it, and etched the designs by hand.  We saw the exact replica of the ball that drops in NYC for New Year's.  We stayed in various Bed n' Breakfasts across the country, primarily on farms.  Each farmhouse recommended another further down the way.  My cousin was married in a stunning castle with one western ceremony, and one Hindu ceremony. There were over 100 of us there for the wedding.  Two families joining together to make one.  Family travelled from the United States spanning a distance from California to Maryland, they came from India, England, and Japan.  We joined two families of all different race, religion, ethnicity, and creed, but there was love and joy and beauty all around us.  It was a magical, beautiful wedding.  We partied till late into the night, I was a sight dancing in my black dress and gray boot, which Grandma Mac thought was a poor fashion decision.  "Sarah, you have two different shoes on."  I mean, I know she is old, but seriously! The days lasted from 5am until 1030pm.  It was glorious!

I will go back someday.  Someday.

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Jodie Andrefski said:
posted on May 31, 2008

I have always wanted to go there...I say the same thing..."Someday". It sounds fantastic! (well--minus the injury part) =)

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Agnes Williams said:
posted on May 31, 2008
Ireland is lovely

Those hills, those people....