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I am adding this additional chapter to my introduction, because after I initially wrote the introduction, it was very difficult to come back to it and try to make sense of all that I have experienced through the various stages of my life and the trials that I have endured or overcome.  I wish ...


The Birth of Charles Leonard Wiggins

The story has already been written for awhile on my blog "From the heart of Praise, Prayer and Perseverance. 0; Here is a link to that posting, Below are the pictures of the blessed event.   http://fromthehea rt-dotwigg.blogsp ot.com/2008/03/an other-2-prayer-re quest-answered.ht ml


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Date Range: 08/01/1978 To 10/01/1978   Comments: 3   Views: 5,615
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Well, the year ain't even over yet, can it get any worse? I shouldn't have even ask that question. Little did I know that when you ask that question, things do get worse. I remember some of our neighbors in that trailor park very well, some were nice, some were weird, real weird. There used to be a man who would expose himself everytime we (kids) walked past him. He was a disgusting mutha f'ker! Everyone knew he was the park pervert but did nothing about him. I guess back then people thought if they stayed to themselves the problem or should I say "pervert" would cease to exist. Most of the neighbors were real nice. There was one Woman who used to bake cookies all the time. Her house was so neat and clean. She didn't even have kids that I can rermember. She'd invite the kids in the neighborhood inside for cookies. Back then that wasn't a problem. Try that shit today and you'll end up with a foot up your ass and a "child molester" label as well People just don't play that shit anymore. I know I don't. There was a couple that lived out there that seemed real nice. Too nice. I distinctly remember thinking that way back then. I was so in tuned with life and always could read a person within the first few minutes of watching them. I didn't even have to hear them speak. People will always tell you what they want you to know. If you watch them, you'll find that what they do and say are always two different things. Trust me I know. I kept my eyes on those two, they were a real pretty couple. She was one of those carmel brown pretty woman with a full head of long thick hair. She put me in the mind of the actress Lynn Whitfield. He looked handsome as well, he had that Phillip Micheal Thomas look. You know the black guy from the original Miami Vice tv show. They always spoke and smiled. One night my mother came into our room and asked me if I wanted to spend the night at the neighbors house. I asked who? And  she gave me one of those "don't ask me a mutha f'king thing" looks. I just shut up and nodded my head yes. I felt I was getting out of the house and a way from her mean ass. I went to get a change of clothes and she said I didn't need any, which was odd. I looked at my sister and shrugged my shoulders. I told her we were spending the night at the neighbors and it was then that my mother "corrected" me and said that I was spending the night at the neighbors house. I wanted so bad to say "excuse the fuck outta me" but I knew that would have been an immediate beat down. Damn, she could bring the worst out of a butterfly. The brain is something else boy. I'm telling you, damn! Anyhoo, we left my sister in the house and walked down the gravel road towards the neighbors house. I was dying to know which neighbors' house it would be. My mother told me they (the neighbors) had a lil  girl around my age. I thought oh, ok, someone to talk to and play with. As we got closer to "the neighbors" house, I started to feel real uneasy. Something just didn't seem right. For one my Mother seemed a lil nervous. She kept looking around up and down the road and checking out the windows of each trailor as we passed them. Yall know I was watching her every move like a hawk! I knew something was up, I just knew it! We turned right and was at the house of the "pretty couple".   Wait a minute, I never saw kids over here! I didn't say that out loud , I was just thinking it to myself. I kinda walked behind my mother just to check out her actions. She kept looking back probably checking to make sure I didn't run off in the opposite direction. She knew I caught on to things real fast. I think that was one of the reasons why she hated me. She couldn't pull anything over on me. I always saw thru her. Always. She walked up on their steps and knocked on their door. My heart started pounding! The woman answered the door. I wish I could remember their names. She was smiling and smelled like JENATE. (yall remember that body splash)? We went inside and there was absolute quiet. I wondered where her Husband was, and where was their "lil girl"? I couldn't shake the feeling of something big about to happen. I remember shaking and thinking to myself to stay calm. I knew if anything jumped off I was gonna tear that trailer the fuck up! I was strong for my age and size. I had to be to withstand all those beatings my mother gave me. All she did was toughen me up. I was used to those punches, slaps and putdowns. My mother went into the livingroom with the Wife and they were whispering about something. I was busy looking around the kitchen for what I didn't know. In hindsight, I was probably looking for a weapon, just in case. I heard the door close and lock. Damn my mother didn't even say bye or tell me when she'd be back to pick me up. Trif'lin, trif'lin, trif'lin. "The Wife" came into the kitchen and asked me was I hungry? I said "no" even though I was starving. When was the last time I ate? She put her hand out and said come on. I said "where's your daughter"? Her eyebrows furrowed for a milisecond (but I caught it) and she said oh she'll be back soon. I thought to myself, "where could she be at such a late hour"? We walked into the bathroom and there was a tub filled with bubbles. I saw a  box of Mr. bubbles sitting on the floor. There was a pretty nightgown hanging up on a towel hook. She saw me looking at it and said that the gown belonged to her daughter. She was going to stand there and watch me undress but I stood there staring at her and the silence caused an awkward moment so she excused herself and left. I locked the door no sooner than her heels left the threshhold. I got undressed, still cautious, and got in the tub. I hadn't had a bubble bath in a while. It did feel good. I pondered why I was there. Was this "couple" going to be my new mother and father? If so, then what about my lil sister? How was this going to work out? At first the thought of "new parents" seemed great. Then, I thought about not seeing my lil sister anymore. Who was going to protect her? Would my mother turn on her now that I was gone? My eyes started to well up with tears but I faught them shits back. There was no time for crying. I had to stay focused. I still had that feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was aloof. (I got that word from a book I had recently read like 2 days before this incident). I quickly got out of the tub, the bubbles were gone anyway. I put on the gown and it was a perfect match. Something kept scratching my back. I lifted the gown and turned it around and found a stickpen with a pricetag still on it. Wait a mutha' f'king minute, I thought she said this gown belonged to her daughter? The gown was new, there weren't even any lent balls on it. Now I knew something was up! I ripped that gown off over my head and threw it on the floor. I picked up my clothes and got dressed. I tossed my undies in the garbage, them things were dirty as hell! No sooner than I pulled on my sandals did the door open. How? I knew I had locked it. "The Wife" looked  funny. She had a half mean half smile on her face. Can yall imagine that? Well she had it. To this day I can't manage to do that. I can mimic alot of people but I can't get that look she gave me down packed. She beat my mother on that one. She asked me what I was doing and I said "nothing. She looked past me towards the tub and said "look at that ring you left". I was about to ask her if she wanted a matching one around her f'king eye!

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Chuck Stallong said:
posted on Jun 22, 2008
oh good

reading your post made my day..... not the story itself b/c it's sad and leaving us wondering what happened but because your writing is saw real, so you...

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Brian Childers said:
posted on Jun 24, 2008

how did your mother manage to keep her kids? she sounds like a freaking terrible mother

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Bellam Dalton said:
posted on Nov 27, 2008
Have missed your stories

You left off without going further,a nd am anxious to keep reading, but good to see you are still here :) Happy American Thanksgiving to you, and hope to see more from you so we know the rest of the story.