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I am adding this additional chapter to my introduction, because after I initially wrote the introduction, it was very difficult to come back to it and try to make sense of all that I have experienced through the various stages of my life and the trials that I have endured or overcome.  I wish ...


The Birth of Charles Leonard Wiggins

The story has already been written for awhile on my blog "From the heart of Praise, Prayer and Perseverance. 0; Here is a link to that posting, Below are the pictures of the blessed event.   http://fromthehea rt-dotwigg.blogsp ot.com/2008/03/an other-2-prayer-re quest-answered.ht ml


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Date Range: 01/01/1978 To 01/31/1984   Comments: 4   Views: 8,296
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Ok, I don't know how I made it downstairs to the car but I did. I was in sooo much fucking pain! My Mothers friend Joyce helped me to the car. She would glance at me with this sad look on her face but was always cautious of my Mother catching her. We were going to my Grandmothers house to pick up my lil sister. I knew that the first chance I got I was going to tell EVERYTHING! My Mother warned me several times in the car not to tell anyone that my cousin "A" babysat me. She just didn't want to get her ass whipped by my Grandmother thats all. Damn my face was hurting like hell. I tried to move my jaw to say something but that shit huuuuurt! It was only one side but it hurt. I felt my stomach begin to turn when thinking about what my cousin did to me. I couldn't believe him. What had I done wrong? How did things go so damn wrong? Why the hell wasn't my Mother looking for that black ugly bastard? She was always fighting other mother f'kers for no reason, here's a big enough reason, start kicking some ass! We drove down Broadway and passed my Grandmothers building. Uh, where the hell are we going? I thought to myself. We pulled up in front of a building on the other side of Broadway and my Mothers friend got out. She snuck and kissed me on the forhead before she got out of the car. Why couldn't she have been my Mother? She spoke to my Mother before walking away and I overheard her telling my Mother that she "wasn't going to say anything to anyone about what she saw tonite". UH, uh, uh. She got some f'king nerve. Always trying to cover her ass!  We pulled away from the curb, damn I wish I had enough strength to jump out of that car and roll like a hollywood stunt woman! We pulled up in the back of my Grandmothers building and she (grandma)came downstairs with my lil sister. She looked mad. I shifted myself in the backseat so I could see her and she could see me. And see me she did. When she went to open the back door to put my sister in , she froze. "What the hell is wrong with that gal"? "Nuttin Ma, she's sleepy", says my mother. "Whats wrong with her face"? asked my Grandmother. I immediately spoke up and said "A " did it"! I began crying again, real hard. ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE! My Grandmother looked at my Mother in total shock and said "I just know you didin't let that bastard baby sit this chile"! "What in the hell is wrong with you"? and then she leeped on my mother and started tearing her ass up! I was both happy and sad at the same time. Then I got scared. What if my Grandmother doesn't take me and leaves me with my Mother? Oh shit. But that didn't happen. She took me upstairs and checked me down there. Embarrassment again. Now my Grandmother is looking at my twat. You know what ? At this point I don't even care. My Grandmother called some of my Aunts up and they all agreed that I was to be taken to the hospital. Ya think? We get to the hospital and my other aunt is waiting for us. She's a nurse there. I'm taken to a room, put on a bed and a Doctor enters the room. I closed my eyes while he talked to my grandmother and my Aunt. My Aunt looks mad as hell. She' s just shaking her head back and forth. She brings me a tablet and pen and ask me to write down what happened. I start to write and I'm stuck on the word trying. For some reason I can't remember how to spell that word and I'm getting so frustrated about it that I begin to cry. My Aunt thinks I'm crying because of what happened. I probably was crying because of it but spelling that word set it off. I guess because things were already messed up so something as simple as trying to  spell a word I knew seemed so easy but wasn't. yall understand what I mean? Anyway, that doctor examined me and again I had someone looking at my twat! I heard the word stitches and could have diiiied! First he popped my jaw back in place using his thumbs . That was painful. He so-called numbed my jaw, but it wasn't enough. Seeing that needle coming towards my face made me wanna get up and do an arabian outta that room! I wonder if pedophiles think about the destruction they leave behind when they do that f'ed up shit to kids. I'm sure they don't. Along with a dislocated jaw, I had a broke tailbone and jammed toe. Thats why my foot was feeling so funny. I probably jammed it while trying to kick that burnt rib (cousin "A") the f'k off of me. The Doctor snapped my toe back into place after tricking the shit outta me and telling me to look at something on a wall and then when my head was turned his sneaky ass literally snapped my shit back into place. OOOh I felt like kicking the shit outta him but I was thankful after the pain subsided. I was mad at him all over again when he had to numb my tootoo and sew me up. I'm not going to even discuss what he did to check and see if my tailbone was broken. Man my cousin really f'ed me up. He really did. How can a person do that knowing that they're causing so much pain? He didn't even care. What's worse though is that my Mother seemed as though she cared more about protecting herself than protecting me. I will never be able to get over that part of it. Also, hang on to your seats.....When my Mother showed up at the hospital, acting like she cared, she waited til she was alone with me to smack me in the face. She knew my jaw was dislocated and still smacked me. Yes she did. She was mad that I told on her ass. Every chance she got she looked at me with one of those Charles Manson murder 1 looks. My Father showed up at the hospital with the biggest serving of butter pecan ice cream. Oh are yall wonering why he had ice cream? Well apparently he was told that I had tonsilitis. Mmm, hmm. The lies continue. Oh and I also simultaneously had appendicitis as well. That was just in case my Father asked why I couldn't walk. Ain't that some shit? He would have killed my Mother had he found out the truth.   I stayed in that hospital for 2 long ass weeks. When I left I was kinda sad. There were babies in that ward that had been born addicted to drugs and when I was able to walk around I sorta became their Mother. I watched over them because I was the oldest child in there. When ever I heard them cry at night I'd get up and check on them. Especially a baby named "KING". He was a lil baby boy about 8 mos old that layed in a crib next to my bed. He was so f'ing cute. I wanted to have  lil black baby boy just like him when I got older. The Doctor said that I'd never be able to have children, so I felt that I would be a Mother to everyone elses children. I made a promise to myself that I would protect any and all children no matter what. After 4 miscarriages I did have my 3 babies. 2 boys and 1 girl. All the pregnancies were high risk but they all made it here safely. My kids are my angels and blessings. Ask anyone that knows me, I got a "S" on my chest. Thats right. I am the BOMB when it comes to my kids. "F" that. My kids will never ever feel 1% of what I felt as a child at the hands of my own other. There is no mutha f'king way. Anyway, I'm about to go eat some butter pecan ice cream. Thanks Daddy. R.I.P
to be continued..........

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Charisma R said:
posted on Jul 22, 2008

God Bless You! I have so much compassion for you and am so very happy to know that you are a wonderful mom in spite of what you have been through. It sounds like you have a greater purpose in life. A calling, maybe?

Member Since
Jul 2008
Greta Schäfer said:
posted on Jul 22, 2008
your mom

Your mom's a bitch. Sorry but it's true. I hope she's in jail. I hope that jerk is in jail. And i"m SO glad that you are a great, strong woman. Telling that story I'm sure was not easy. It's not easy to READ it. You are brave.

Member Since
Apr 2008
Chuck Stallong said:
posted on Jul 23, 2008
how you can

tell your story with humor is beyond me, but you do a good job on it. Too bad that you have to tell it because it happened to you, but it's very cool that you have a great sense of humor

Member Since
Apr 2008
posted on Jan 03, 2011
my sense of humor

who ever said LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE" must have gone thru some real bullshit. I laugh to maintain my sanity. I make light of all situations , even the ones where I know I'm about to whip ass in.