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Date Range: 07/08/2008 To 07/08/2008   Comments: 4   Views: 11,006
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I live on a relatively quiet street in a suburb of Munich. As most everyone knows, Germans love their cars. We treat them like they are babies, some say even better than we treat our real babies (children) sometimes! This might be true, but the love affair is stated for all to know.


I walk my dog, Benny, twice a day. Once in the morning when I rise, and we go for a quick job through the quiet streets. Little childrens are going to school on the bus or bike and we zip through the area getting our morning exercise. Benny is mostly Golden Retriever, and a big dog. He’s so nice, he wouldn’t ever bite a child or hurt anyone. In fact if he sees a really big dog he will go run and hide behind me. He’s a big baby boy doggie, but he’s a really truly sweet dog.


My neighborhood doesn’t have proper sidewalkways, so often we have to walk into the street. Yesterday morning I was walking, well actually Benny was rather pulling me because he saw some fresh furry rodent he wanted to check out, but we moved around some parked cars on the bend in the road when all of a sudden a big black car comes in within approximately three inches of my nose! I pull Benny’s leash so hard backwards he is smacked against the parked car. I fall backwards into the little fence by the apartment building and on top of the recycling bin. I had put my hands down to make my fall hurt less and stabbed my hand into some broken glass.


I stand up, to see the car squeal into one of the apartment buildings. Two Very Important Men get out dressed in nice suits and walk up one of the apartment buildings, studying it. I don’t know if they are searching for someone or some thing or just looking but they are very intent and talking together.


I am angry! I go up to them holding out my bloody hand and one of the well groomed men looks at me in disgust. I start to yell angrily at them, “Did you not SEE Me? You practically hit me! You made my jerk my doggie into the car and I fell into glass.”


The rude man looks at me like I am a filthy piece of trash with my bleeding hand and this makes even angrier. The other man asks if I am all right, and I say “I was FINE until you came tearing around that corner as though your ass was on fire!” He started to laugh but saw I was serious and offered me a kerchief. He asked if I wanted a ride to the hospital, but I could see he was reluctant. The other pig man, rude man, rolled his eyes and started talking to his colleague again.


Oh! I am so angry with these two men who only see with their eyes what they want to see and not the world around them. I shame them some more by yelling that there are little childrens and animals who go use the street and no sidewalks means they must drive slowly or be careful! The pig man ignores me and keeps on talking. So I do something very rude too. My hand has a lot of blood on it from the cut (it was long, but not so deep) and I let some blood pool into my palm, and then I throw it on him and his nice clothes.


I say “Next time, that could be a CHILD. Don’t drive around here like a pig again.”


The man is very angry now too and starts to come after me, but Benny (bless his heart!) actually GROWLS at the man! His nicer friend holds him back and shakes his head no, so we go on home to clean my wound.


Benny got a big, big juicy steak last night :)p

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Member Since
Aug 2007
Susan Janneck said:
posted on Jul 25, 2008
Makes no difference where you live

Hi Greta, Sure doesn't make any difference where you live anymore. Rudeness seems to abound. Your dog sounds so nice. Glad you didn't suffer more than the cut hand. I see you are a transcriber. I am a medical transcriber working in a cancer center in upstate New York, USA. What kind of transcribing do you do?

Member Since
Jul 2008
Greta Schäfer said:
posted on Jul 26, 2008
It was funny too

because Benny he never growls at people - usually he is too afraid! I transcribe mostly legal documents, although sometimes I oral transciptions for people on the side too who their videos to come with a script :)

Member Since
Aug 2007
Brian Childers said:
posted on Jul 29, 2008
good for you

i would have done the same. Good work.

Member Since
Aug 2008
BB Rider said:
posted on Aug 17, 2008
Gute Benny!

Greta, your story's are very interesting - I enjoy them so much and your English is quite good. Much better than my schlecht Deutsch (even though I was born in Nurnberg and lived in Germany until I was 7). Be certain to write more! BB