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"Part 1: Me in a Nutshell" 


Date Range: 11/17/1971 To 05/01/1991   Comments: 4   Views: 40,783
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The youngest of four, two brothers and one sister.  Grew up as a small child in CA, moved to Red Wing (small town, famous for Red Wing boots), MN when I was in 4th grade.  Reason for move was my mother left my father and was getting a divorce.


Moved back to CA my junior year in high school.  The reason this time was my mother wanted to move back and start anew after her boyfriend passed away (he was 68, she was mid 40’s), I had a choice to stay or go with her.  I was eager to live in CA again.  Went to a school of creative and performing arts (Chula Vista High School). 


I was lonely for my friends in MN and felt alienated in the school in CA.  Lack of talent maybe?  So I asked if I could move back to MN for my senior year and graduate.   Mom said ok and I lived with my sister on the premise that I would babysit whenever needed to pay my room and board.


My mother came to see me graduate and afterwards I was caught by the police drinking underage at a party.  Mom said that I had no other alternative but that I was to move back in with her in CA.  Oh, hurt me (sarcasm).  I was glad to move back.


I worked at a dry cleaners owned by some Indians.  I paid mom rent every week ($90).  Then I got a job at The Gap.  After 3 months I was promoted to Assistant Manager.


I was active in my youth group at the church I went to as a young child.  Our Redeemer Luthern.  Where I met a friend who convinced me to move to Austin, TX and live with him as a “friend”.  I tried to get a job out there at another Gap store but they didn’t have anything available.  The only job I could find was a hostess position at a restaurant in The Holiday Inn.


Bad situation with roommate turned worse and my sister drove down from MN to pick me up.  I moved back in with her.  I got a seasonal job at Joslyn’s making diplomas working the nightshift.


Sister saw an ad in the paper for a Health Physics position at NSP (Northern States Power) with no experience necessary only High School Diploma or GED required.  She put in for it and told me and my brother so that we could put in for the job also.  I called the number after getting off of nightshift at 6 am.  The person hiring asked me to come in an hour for an interview.  I quickly showered and was about to leave when my brother showed up and said that he had an interview that afternoon and he would drive me there. 


When we got there the individual hiring stated he would interview both of us at the same time to save time.  We were in a small room, my brother and I sitting close together and Mr Sietz was in front of us.  He explained the position.


I was in shock.  I leaned forward in my chair.  I was on the edge about to fall off as he told me that NSP was a nuclear power plant generating electricity for our town and surrounding area.  I had no idea this was in my back yard.  He explained the job duties of an HP entailing radiological surveys which were dose rates, air samples, and smearing or frisking contamination (to name a few).  I was flabbergasted.  I was nervous because math and physics were not my strong suit in school. 


My brother was fresh out of the Marines and he leaned back in his seat with his arms crossing his chest.  He nodded his head and stated he knew all about this stuff because he had to deal with it in the Marines.


Here comes the clincher.  The final question.  Were we willing to travel for work?  I immediately said yes, whereas my brother said no because he had two little children. 


Guess who got the job? 


To be continued…

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Greta Schäfer said:
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It was Eric

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Very clever.

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your'e cute too

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