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"Religious Training and Service" 


Date Range: 01/01/1974 To 12/31/1985   Comments: 2   Views: 8,304
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In 1974, I attended Sunday School with Mrs. Mosely our next door neighbor. 

Then my mom started attending church and then she accepted Christ and got baptised at Fairview Baptist Church.

I accepted Christ when I was about six but could not be baptised until I was 8 years, according to the churches doctrine.

I attended Vacation Bible School every year from 1975 thru 1983. Most years I attended Fairview Baptist Church, In 1979 I attended Grace Baptist Temple, 1980 I attended Fairview Baptist Church, 1981-1984 I attended Indian River Baptist Church.

1981-1982 I earned Bible Searches Memory Plan Certificate of Achievement for learning 10 memory verses in the Memory Plan.

1982 I joined Awana's at Grace Baptist Temple.  I earned two Inspiration Awards.  I competed in the Awana's olympic finals and placed third.

1982 I attend Camp Hope Haven and received Best Bunk Award and Best Story Teller Award.

1982 I served as a Second Grade teacher and Children's Worship worker for Youth Week at Indian River Baptist Church.

April 20, 1985 was commissioned as a member of the Norfolk Association Acteens Activators assigned to Norwich, NY.

July 22-26, 1985 Consecrated Service Award for Bible Club and VBS Teacher for Agape Southern Baptist Church and Rev. Clyde Johnson, in Norwich, NY.

1985 Received Pioneer Mission Award for working in Vacation Bible schools at Agape Baptist Church in Norwich, NY.

August 11, 1985 Acteen Activators Presentation of our trip to Norwich, NY.

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Aug 2007
Tomas Frye said:
posted on Nov 18, 2008
What do you do?

That's a lot of religious training. I'm curious - how did you know at six that you could follow this path? I'm always interested in people who build strong convictions at a young age (probably because me myself I have none)....

Member Since
Nov 2008
Dorothy Herdman Wiggins said:
posted on Nov 18, 2008
I do alot, but I am saved

Well it is alot, but it takes alot to learn and grow in God. I was raised a fundamental baptist, (very literal and alot of fear of God, not as much of a relationship) but I had good teachers and mentors and then my mom converted from Catholism to Christianity. There was always an acknowledgement of God in our home when I was growing up and it just made sense. As I got older, I read, studied and questioned alot and grew in my understanding of God and my role as a believer. I do not do anything spiritually academic, I am a christian wife and mother, i am going to school to get my Associates in Human Service-Mental Health and plan to work and go back for my Bachelors in Social Work. I want to counsel parents of special needs children and Women with emotional and psychological problems. I am an avid reader and studier of the Bible. The cool part of believing in God is that it is Him doing all the work, all I have to do is heed His leading, and obey the things he reveals to me in scripture or through my prayer time. He has designed me to do things in concert with other believers that make me grow, strengthen and encourage me in my understanding of Him and his messages in scripture. I hope that answered what you were asking. Feel free to write back. Are you sure you don't have any convictions? Did you ever and just feel they do not serve you well now? Best Wishes,