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"How can we be a blessing in these economic times." 


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    Well, we can all agree that our country is facing some hard economic times. Job lost is at an all time high. The housing market has taken our breath away.
But, I believe that we the people of the United Sates of America can help make a difference in these hard times.

Allow me for just a moment to stake a claim in our country. We the people of the United States of America are a perfect bound book. We each have different chapters, but we all tell the same story.
It does not matter rather you are black or white. Color has no chapter in this book, only money holds a color and it color is green.

Our President has place a positive vibe through out our country. His motto: YES WE CAN! Yes we can, stop being a spectator and become a participator. Yes we can, take this job loss and become our own boss.
Yes we can, turn this set back into a set up, a set up for a new country, with new idea's, new hopes and a new promising future.

In first Corinthians chapter 12 verse 20, Paul speaks about the body of Christ. It is a description of how Christ is the head and we being members are the body of Christ, the scripture states as follow:
But now are they many members, yet, but one body and verse 21 goes on to illustrate that how all the members are connect.
You cannot use a hand without an arm. You cannot use a foot without a leg and you cannot see without eyes.

The same rules apply for the body of our government. Our President is the head and we the people of the United States of America is the body. An EXTRAORDINARY body I might add.
Lets take our President motto and say yes we can become one body. Yes we can by eliminating fear, fear is a false evidence appearing real.
Become a world changer, a history maker. Walk into this New Year a new you with new confidence, new courage, new idea's and a new vision. Why, because we are an EXTRAORDINARY body.

Say yes you can to someone in need. If you have 4 cars give one away. Take a family out of a shelter and give them a home. Pay their rent, and light bill for up to a year. Why because we are an EXTRAORDINARY body.
If you are a driver buy someone on the bus stop a pass. Business owners go to the un-employment office and pull someone out of line and give them a job. Community leaders hold a meeting in your community and find out who is in foreclosure and help them out. Neighbor if you are doing OK, help out a neighbor who is not doing so good. Pay one of their bills for them. No questions asked. Why because we are an EXTRAORDINARY body.

Women stop gossiping and help your girl out. Buy her child some pampers or get her a message gift certificate. Men, when you are on the pump filling up, go and purchase a gas card and give it to someone on the pump. Pastors and leaders take up a collection from your members and give it away to one of your homeless or jobless members. Why because we are an EXTRAORDINARY body.

Remember Christ said what you do unto the least of them, you do it unto Him (Jesus). Give and it shall be given unto you. For with God nothing is impossible. We are an EXTRAORDINARY body.

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Sam Henderson said:
posted on Jan 29, 2009
If we all live like thsi

Can you even imagine how powerful our country would become again? I don't mean this to sound wrong, but we swung so far to the other side for a long time. Always wanting more, cheap, consumer goods and the frenzy to own THINGS is appalling when we look how simply some of our relatives lived. This need for newer and better has dominated a somewhat false economy, and I agree, Cynthia, it's time to take back the reigns. It can be as simple as getting to know your own neighbors, what they need. There are secrets and stories inside each of those closed doors. Take some time to knock on a few of them and see how you can help. This is, by far, the greatest feeling ever.