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"The Grief: Whitelake Michigan, Kibbutz of Marni, Deardress" 


Date Range: 01/01/2003 To 12/31/2004   Comments: 2   Views: 9,380
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This story is as one can have it. I ask "Is this true?" when maybe it is in fact fiction. No one can know except the people involved and of course for 'the purposes of some honor' the names and some of the facts are changed into a fictionalized sense. Both Marni and Deardress do not exist in name. They are fictionalized, and so is part of the storyline. It is my belief that the echo of this story is rather sad...depressing but has to be funny!
Memory dosent necessarily go away. Memory is an elastic substance, invisible to the eye that effects our past, present and our outcome. It can be provided as a lesson to many as well as provide for the resolution of "what was" in the past, and what becomes of a story in the future.
In any event the last thing I would want to go is back in time to revisit either Marni or the events even though comic were tragic and breath one of the wonders of an artists life...people.

The Grief Wanting...
Marni and Deardress
It was a fine day in 2003 though a lonely one as I was working on some artwork prepositioning my mind for some change that was to come. My studio was filled with small works those of the type of sketches that are not too exhbitable, rather abstract sketches done from more studies while in the mountains of Arizona. I was back from Europe at this time with a certain saddness, looking back at memories when I began to have the urge to call about. I called old friends to see what they were doing and soon found myself in quite an interesting observation, many had moved away from Tempe and Phoenix. I had wondered why. Then I remarked to myself that I too had moved away and had traveled a great deal to find opportunity and suggestion of futures that may in fact be more gainful especially in the aesthetic realm. 
I had come in contact with an old friend who referenced an old friend. In the conversation an old girlfriends name was mentioned. I had always wondered what had happened to her. Somewhere there was a candle still lit, though in some ways I was perfectly content that the flame had grown small in many of the contexts of remembering. Her name was "Marni" (Of course the name is changed here. Marni was a very pretty girl as well as of rather strong disposition and character. She was friendly and seemed to have all the characters I missed in others. She had studied music and was very talented and in fact often times brilliant as a young student when I had known her years ago. Of course time does change and many memories had faded at that time. I did wonder sometimes how she was and if she had ever done anything with her talent. After several cruises across the internet I unfortunately didnt find very much but a loose number of her mother and some business that included antiques and merchandising.  (of course I remember that too...the wild family and background that Marni came from...which somehow made me double think memories and position them somewhere back as to history) 
I continued work in the afternoon when the phone rang with a very shrill tone. Ironicly it was Marni. Old Marni! My gosh the memories had never faded!  One of my friends had sent my number down the pipeline and she had called me out of the blue. We had talked a great deal and learned of each others past and that we had both changed. Marni a vocalist had cried about her life. She had been married to a professional gambler and trumpet player. (It did not seem so out of keeping...other things that had happened seemed to be a bit Marniesque...aka crazy things, so sentimental and animated, as though she stacked her life before me in 1 hour of conversation. She brought forth many memories that could hardly be forgotton and purged on my inclinations that she had changed in many good ways now owning a business and being very successful in her craft. Memory snapped back to former times and sentiments were attached. I came off the telephone saying "What about Marni" . Over the next several days she called me and we talked. All of the span of time that we had not been together seemed to close and quite suddenly a day or so after we first contacted each other...a dozen roses arrived at my studio, attached with a letter of Love from Marni. 
Over the next months I set out on a roadtrip to visit her for the first time in many years. She hadnt changed a bit. So I let loose of caution over the next months and let the gaps of time close on a new relationship with Marni. 
Everything was sill the same in many ways with her. She had this wild way that was sometimes entertaining but sometimes extremely stressful. Over the next few months I didnt give eyes to caution nor did I think anything but of rosebuds and promises that she made. (and I remember the promises from long ago) I very soon began to structure my life in a life that was to include Marni and the belief of Love*
*One can only believe that someone is actually in love by actions and reactions 

I thought certainly that destiny had provided the generous outlook in this relationship. Was it destiny or caution that was to be utilized? There was no caution and a certain purity and love seemed to grasp a hold of me. Memories of Marni, sweet innocent Marni...oh what memories.
And the best yet...after a rather unfortunate relationship had absolved itself in a very lonely divorce.
The devil walks in where angels dare to tread....
I moved from Arizona to Michigan on the tail of this "Love induced Comet". I was certain that the words that were given were meant and that all the care that was given to this matter was indeed put together for some metaphysical purpose. 
After I arrived in Michigan, all things said and done, now in full residence, I pursued the outlook of living there. 
Her mother, Deardress, seemed to mellow with age. Oh I remember some wild things that went on long ago but they didnt quite seem of the day of course until they began happening "again" . Her mother Deardress was into buying and selling and lived her life on the road traveling from East to West and back again. Deardress had a very difficult personality to describe. She was a sales-person and was perhaps one of the best that I ever knew in convincing the best dressed man in a tuxedo to buy a new pair of (slightly used) yellow shoes. (how she did this was something quite amazing) Deardress was a large woman with the profile of  some great romanesque statue, the hook in her nose not quite as apparent as the illusion she gave to others. There was a hook here yet my naivite just didnt accept this hook as being a real entity. Deardress would sometimes seem as a tornado to get things done and demand in other people the same sort of committment, if not she would lay the work "lazy" or some ajusted phrase at their feet. She was the commander of sorts and a whirlwind, a lady who would begin to polish a table in one hand to show how it is supposed to be done, complain and lionize in one breath and whip around the town to pay bills, make sales of trinkets and visit friends.
And after this come home with recollection of  the busiest day of history (so it would seem) as an example given to others to be busy...busy as a bee. In short she she was a character. At the dinner table there would be politics and the effervecent dreams of entertaining millions and millions of dollars of sales to be made and had. In fact I think it was this that was always most important..the sale that is made and the prospective millions to be had. Everything was dollars and cents calculated to the nearest 1/10. She was a business woman who could not take no for an answer and would often conjure some interesting way of getting something for relatively nothing. There seemed to be a brand of cleverness in each breath and a scheme behind each action. Deardress was not a young woman yet would appear to be. She would often mimik the persona of a Mae West in her style pomping up her hair in a beau-font and attatching a feather through the bun. She governed the mind of Marnie with a sense of a stage-mum and would repeatedly yet subtley remark at everything Marnie did. The environment that I inherited soon began to be filled with certain kinds of tensions, and this I remember well. Marnie was not necessarily bossy by nature. Deardress was the commander of all subtle words and could snap easily at anything that wasnt to her sense of "the way things should be".
It was not long before the situation was back to the craziness that I remember. I was jumping through hoops just to try to be usefull. I did all that I set out to do...except I began to feel this hand of a chess master manipulating me, if not in word, the preposition of want and ad-millions for the sake of Marnie.
Well it wasnt long before the situation began to augment itself in words like misery, but may I add this silently.
I kept to the "deal" and proposal as it was given, though it was sometimes as if a two year old was making paper dolls of my life out the existence in metaphore of somewhat valuable documents.
Outline names and places changed to squewactuality:
The travel throughout the northeast to New York and London
(A deal) to return to Europe and make (our) residence in Italy in (Genoa)
The apartment with a great view of the ocean. (The success that was to grow exponentialy if not tampered with)
Italy-Romantic and welcoming-
The disturbances-
Marni and the "men" of tease, around the block and back again..sneeking off...and found.
(The talk of the town-little old ladies...true)
One Artist
A great choir of mountain singers (true!)
Romance in Padua, Siena, Florence...
The cold and bitter New Year...walking through the streets in snow. Marni's attractions.
More silly stories of Marni and her love for castles, money and the men who owned them-more disturbances.
(The grass is greener Marni at the ranch...) We moved to a ranch in the mountains.
Rebuilding the old stone house
(The Romanians and Russians)-appearance of Tanya, the Italian Beauty Queen-(a wild and bad influence on Marni)
Contadini-The talk among the ranchers.
An affair caught in a horse stall-
What was beginning to be bad...more crazy...and finally just too much...
The appearance of Deardress on the scene to make matters worse....(Entertaining the Rich Contadini for the sake of Marnis her slip!)...a little comedy, comic relief. The oh my god moments of the towns people that looked at this criticing...and noticing.
An Affair for Marni...and my disengagement.
The Idiot.
Sawing wood, chasing coal during the winter
Confronting the wrath of physical punishment for no certain reason...An illness (a traveler-artist/man with a cane hobbling on the countryside because of lifting refrigerators to Marnis instructions or carrying wood to brand ones claim to warmth...a story that would almost carry the artist to his death in 2009)
Final Straw.
Deardress and Marni in their insanity
A return to the Kibbutz in Michigan-Loss of 500 works of art to mold and mildew, reclaiming what I could...Deardress wandering the neigborhood singing a deafening song in an off key mode of Mix-Lydian of "Johnny, o' Greens de Tabernacle Lay!"...
The grift of a great piano from some lonely man looking for "company"...Deardress and Marni. (performers of a concerto grosso of comedy and pulling ones blinders down, whipping people around them in their chairs and stuffing indian jewelry in there mouth for the comment to come forth)
The final exit...never to return...
It is not a story....but fact of a sad end to what could have been pretty good.

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Richard you have a gift of storytelling. I am so happy that you have made this here for us to share and read together - feel like I'm running alongside you in this story.... 

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yeah good stuff

From your picture, i would have guessed you were 30 ;)