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"Hello Mother Earth" 


Date Range: 01/01/1995 To 03/18/2009   Comments: 3   Views: 4,183
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  Alright, Hey I'm Valerie Morgan Jones, Born on the evening of February 17th, 1995. I'm not really going to go into extreme details of my life because honestly I'm a little scared of stalkers. (Not calling anyone a stalker though) Uhm let me just say when i was around 7 years old my parents got a divorce. Even though my parents are not together anymore, doesnt mean they are not still close or that i dont see my dad much. I see my dad every weekend and my parents are best friends. Many of y'all may consider me lucky. The summer before i started 6th grade, my dad got a girlfriend named Mary. I have never liked anyone that dates my parents and i really dont know why, but at first everything about Mary was alright. She was a strong Christian and she was good to me and my dad. But as a year came around i noticed my dad's behavior wasn't very good. Mary was alowing my Dad to drink alcohol and stuff like that. My mom and I kept telling my dad that he should move out soon, but of course being a man and whatnot being stuborn came natrually. His mood began changing and i felt as if i was loosing my dad. During the summer before 7th grade, my mom went to Flordia to visit a family friend, i decided not to go and ended up staying with my dad and Mary. Dad worked long hours and soon i was by myself alot. Mary totally forgot i exsisted and wouldnt bother feeding me or talking to me. I called my mom and vented my feelings. My mom called Mary and told her to stop neglecting me. Mary came up to me, obviously pissed off, and said "Why the fuck are you complaining to your mom, saying im not taking care of you?!?" Mary scared me so much. And once i could swear that she tried poisoning me. Well as soon as my mom got back from Flordia i swore to myself that i would never go back to the Apartments again. My dad sobered up and tried leaving Mary, but that was definatly not going to make Mary happy. She knew my dad had a great job and she just knew how to ruin everything. Earlier over the summer when i was with them i pissed off mary and she came toward about to hit dad would never let anyone hurt me so he shoved her, she fell. So when she found out he was going to leave her she called the police and told them she had bruises from him shoving her. What she didnt tell the police was that he shoved her because she was going to hit me! The police came to my dads job and arrested him, in front of all his co workers...he is out now and im glad i never have to see Mary again. So now in 8th grade everything is going alright. So you here you have it.

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Member Since
Jul 2008
Greta Schäfer said:
posted on Mar 19, 2009

Mary sounds like a real peach, thanks goodness they got you away from that toxin.... 

Member Since
Feb 2009
Maria Amoroso said:
posted on Mar 20, 2009

Mary is most certainly no true christian! What a bad example she is. I hope you are not too hurt from all this. Life can be so wonderful for you eventually!

Member Since
Mar 2009
Monica X said:
posted on Mar 21, 2009

That is so crazy! I think that is so messed up that your dad got arrested for that! And that bitch just got off with nothing as if she were innocent!? Well, i am glad that things are better for you now. You are lucky that you have a dad that loves you so much.