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"Hiding in Cars" 


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The other morning I was driving to work.  I pulled up to a large intersection, but traffic was backed up because a fire truck was pulling into its station, so I didn’t pull forward – or else I would have blocked the cross traffic if the light changed. 


Apparently the people in the lane next to me had no problem pulling forward blocking the intersection (after all, this is the DC way).  But this morning, I didn’t feel like blocking entire an intersection and as such, felt mildly proud of myself for obeying traffic rules (for once).


Once the fire truck had pulled into it station, the woman in the Mercedes behind me honked at me to go.  Traffic hadn’t yet started moving yet, so I wasn’t quite ready to pull forward – instead I glared at her in the review mirror for honking at me.  By her arm waving and shouting “Go” I could clearly see she was p*ssed.  Ha, normally I have pretty bad road rage, but this was making me laugh.


So, just as my light turned yellow and traffic started to move, I pulled forward - leaving her stuck at the red light.  I laughed, waved to her, and shouted a joyful “Good Morning!”


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Rodolpho Perez said:
posted on Jul 26, 2009
I used to be like that

Now I just feel sorry for people like that and get out of their way. I figure for every 15 people I try to teach a lesson to, there is one who's truly in an emergency that they need to get home to pick up their kid or get to their big presentation to keep their job and I just feel sorry for them.