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Arrived on the night train at Ayutthaya at 5:45am, I must have spent 2 hours looking for my pre booked accommodation but failed to find it so in the end I gave up and found another place.

The woman at the accommodation took pity on me and made a cup of coffee with egg on toast. After a quick look round town I spent the afternoon catching up on some sleep. The town was easy to find your way around as it is all in grids. However the roads were all long and wide making crossing the street a bit of a nightmare!!!! Only seen a couple of other Westerners even in the main part of town.

Met a few other travellers in the hostel at night, all were travelling on their own. Sat up until midnight having a few beers with them and the owners of the place. One of them (a hardcore Canadian weed smoker)was staying there for 2 weeks until he heads off home because he was low on funds but it did not seem to stop him drinking a bottle of Thai Whisky every night. He was still sleeping outside at 8 the next morning !!!!!

The following day I hired a push bike and spent a good chunk of the day exploring the old ruins in the city. Felt safer on the roads there than back home but then again that says a lot about motorists back home.

My camera and memory stick got another virus off the hostels computer but the bloke in the Internet cafe round the corner sorted it out. Had another fairly late night, one of the hostels owners (who looks older than the towns ruins) was giving out some local spirit. Didn't have a lot as I had an early start planned for the next day. There was only a few of us but we all got on well, the Canadian made me laugh when we asked each other what we had done. His reply "smoke weed all day!!!!"

On the Wednesday I Looked at Lopburi the map and thought it was too small a place to stay but worth a day trip. Got a rattletrap local bus that struggled to do more than 25 mph for what seemed like ages.

Lopburi is famous for being overrun by monkeys. They were everywhere on cars, roofs, lampposts and swinging from overhead cables. 

Had a look round town then after walking miles back to the bus station found out I had missed the last bus. So I had to walk all the way back into town to the train station. Turned out the train was the cheapest land transport I had ever been on. 3rd class was less than 25 pence for an hour and twenty minutes.

For my last night there the owner of the hostel took us to an out of town bar with a live band on. Seen it before but its still seemed strange to hear a Thai band doing western songs !!!! On the Thursday morning I headed off to Kanchanburi.

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