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Arrived in Kanchanaburi and found the cheapest accommodation ever. It was called Nina's raft house and as the same says was a series of huts floating on the river. It was very basic but the owners seemed friendly enough so I paid for one night which was about one pound fifty pence and headed into town.

On the way back I got a bit of grief off some of the stray dogs that were hanging around the edges of the town. The place was empty when I got back so I had an early night. Trying to sleep through the sound of boat engines, cats fighting, the building creaking with the water and the loudest wall fan ever was difficult......then a floating disco came past....with that it was time to move into town!!!! I did however get some strange satisfaction out of the fact I got a roof over my head for the night for the cost of half pint of beer back home.
I moved into the main part of town as soon as I woke up. Walked over the famous bridge, which was not very wide and there was no rail to stop you falling a long way down into the water.

Also went to the war museum  near by, what happened there
was bad.


My uncle Alan who died a couple of months earlier was big on the battlefields and seeing the stuff from world war one in France. I did my bit for him by going to the war cemetry.

The next day I headed off to Erawan national park and walked up the 7 tier waterfall which took a couple of hours. The falls were a lot better than the ones at Laung Prabang. Went a walk round town and seen the last 20 minutes of a football match. There seemed to be a fair few bars there owned by Westerners but only a hand full of people in each one.

Had an easy day on the Sunday, stopped at a bar in the afternoon, got talking to a couple of Australians and the bar owner and ended up staying there for several hours. At night I went to the same bar as the previous night to watch another football match. The Irish bloke who owned the bar says that had been his worst year ever due to the credit crunch, bad exchange rate and political situation in Thailand. 

The next logical stop heading south was my old favourite Hua Hin

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