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Date Range: 1964 To 01/20/2009   Comments: 2   Views: 16,379
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Question: if you had 3 "do-over" days where you could correct any mistake you made that day, would you have used any by now?


I think about this question quite often. Usually when I am about to let my emotions come over me and do something that I wonder whether I will regret (which I usually will), I look backwards and ask myself if those regrets were strong enough to erase.

Someone mentioned once that the mistakes are what make us who we are today. This is true, but aren't some of those lessons, especially the ones that caused great harm to someone else, ones you'd take back if you could?

What about you? If you had the chance, and a limited one, to "undo" a day or two or three in your life, would you have used any of them yet?

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Mar 2009
Bob McMillan said:
posted on Jan 07, 2010
Probably 2

One when I had a missed opportunity to ask the prettiest girl out in school and I got too nervous (then found out years later that she liked me) and then when I asked my first wife to marry me. Not that I hate her or anything, but we were such a terribly mis-matched couple, I wonder how much time we 'wasted' on being together when we were so much better off apart as friends than as a couple.

Everything else I guess is pretty minor.

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Apr 2008
Sarah Green said:
posted on Jan 08, 2010
one for sure

Too painful to mention publicly, but one, oh yes, one BIG big one. I'd turn that one in in a heartbeat.