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"My Little Blessing From Above" 


Date Range: 02/02/2010 To 02/02/2010   Comments: 2   Views: 13,954
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Now is not the time to write. I’m feeling a little bit tipsy. I was able to get a glass of wine tonight. Just one will do it. I’m such a lightweight.  My 4 year old daughter is lying next to me on my kingsize bed. She has an old laptop and I have my new one.  She was so excited when I turned it on and opened up just a blank word document to let her type her little heart out. She kept bugging me for the past half hour to teach her how to type like me.  I’m getting a big kick out of it and yet I’m frustrated too because I want to write.  She is constantly chattering. Very entertaining mind you, she is coming up with new things and becoming more and more of an adult.  I don’t know if I can capture her cuteness right now. 

For instance, she was so excited at first and then she kept saying she had to calm down with hands exaggerating in the air as an adult would do. She is acting so grown up right now. I can’t help but stop and listen and watch her. So here I am trying to write about how cute she is. It’s impossible. Of course, you have to be here and it does help to have a little bit of bias motherly love to see the little quirks and nuances.

My daughter is too good for me. I swear that God is talking through her to me.

Here’s the recent thing she will do for me. She found out recently that my favorite color is red, so as you can imagine she will get me everything that is red at the impromptu times.  When I’m getting ready for bed, she gives me her very soft red teddy bear (she has a lot of stuffed animals so this was not hard for her to find). When I just sit down on the chair or couch she gives me the very soft red blanket that I bought for our living room (it is now considered my blankey).  If there is anything red, it is now usually in my hands. Isn’t my daughter the greatest! I cannot believe how much she tries to make me happy!  Whenever I’m blue, she’ll come up to me and tell me she has a secret to tell me in her bedroom (I have to stop everything and go to her room) and she will just simply tell me that she loves me or sometimes that I’m her best friend ever!

Just now she told me that she had something very important to tell me. So I stopped and said I was listening. She said the next time that Cameron hits her she is notgoing to hit him back because she loves him.  This is a big deal.  Lately Cameron is in the hitting phase. For a while there I wanted to tell Audrey to hit him back but I didn’t. My husband did.   After quite a while, he decided to tell Audrey that she needs to hit him back to teach him that it hurts and is not nice. 

The perfect thing is that since we started Karate I’ve been telling her to “block” Cameron’s hits. She’s just not fast enough.

Unfortunately, today Cameron was in a mood and he hurt Audrey pretty bad. Mike told her to hit him back and she did unwillingly. It wasn’t that bad. Of course, Cameron whined a little but I know that it didn’t have any effect on him.

To hear Audrey say tonight that she had something important to tell me and that it was she did not want to hit Cameron back because she loved him…wow. I cannot believe my children are so awesome. So loving.  Definitely God’s gift.

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p. bernard leclerc said:
posted on Feb 03, 2010
You are so lucky!

I always wanted a daughter.  My wife would have given us a beautiful daughter, but we have two beautiful sons.   How I envy the Dads who'll get to intimidate their daughter's dates!  I sometimes feel sad for my wife, who will never experience that bond with a daughter, that she has with her own mother.  That is truly special. 

Member Since
Jul 2008
Greta Schäfer said:
posted on Feb 04, 2010

I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!