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"How we overcame the recession. Chasing Dreams in Lefkas" 


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  • Hi, my name is Diane Griffith.
  • I thought you might be interested in my story.
  • It was 1991 and unemployment figures had never been higher in the UK.
  • Shortly before my husband Tony turned fifty, he was made redundant from an IT managerial position. We had reached rock bottom so there was nowhere else to go in life but up. I thought of an idea to relieve Tony’s increasing depression and to try to earn a living. 
  • We decided to visit an island we had spent a holiday the previous year. 
  • We had made friends with a family who had a little boy, Chris, who was autistic. I had sent a video of their holiday to them when we returned home. - I got a phone call from them to say that they were delighted because when Chris saw the video he spoke for the first time. It was as though the bright sunny images, the music and the people had opened a window in his mind. - So the idea was borne. - We had a plan, a goal, a dream.
  • We rented out our house for three months.
  • We sold Tony’s precious Mercedes car and bought an 18 year old VW camper van which we packed with video equipment and drove to the Greek island of Lefkas where we had flown to in 4 hours; this time we did it the hard way, especially since Tony has limited use of his right arm. It took 4 days. There we lived rough for three months.  
  • We made videos of the island, adding personal moments for people doing all the editing in the VW in the sweltering heat thanks to a generator. The first night of showing the video from a portable TV, placed above the sink in the van, facing a cobbled street, we caused quite a sensation in the sleepy little bay of Agios Nikitas. We believed that our idea had worked and was looking indeed very profitable.  We did not know what lay before us . . .
  • I had previously learnt the Greek language which was a valuable asset during this venture. 
  • From there we traveled all over the island trying our luck at various places and having some mixed experiences, some humorous, some disastrous, some astonishing some wonderful, but all of them extremely memorable. If I had not written this book I would have always looked back and wondered why I hadn’t. Our dreams had called and we had heard and followed. Did we find the secret of true happiness? Or were we merely chasing dreams?  
  • The memories I and my husband made, including meeting new friends, some of whom were children who showed us such affection, will never be forgotten. In response to our challenging but uniquely rewarding experiences, I decided to share my memories with other dreamers, who would like to have done something like this, but never actually had the time.
  • More importantly our life changed perceptibly, since there was an offer of a much better job for Tony waiting for him when we arrived home. A Managing Director of a very large company heard about what Tony had done in the face of such adversity and told a friend, "This is the sort of man we want in this company."
  • He didn't know that it was all my idea!
  • Since writing this book, Chasing Dreams in Lefkas, available on Amazon, I have become a published author and have a book for young children recently released: Granny's Magic Garden
  • Also two romantic fiction books to be released later this year. -
  •  It Mattered Yesterday and A Moment to Remember
  • So, it shows that if you are determined you can overcome all difficulties, but you have to have a dream.
 Chasing Dreams in Lefkas is currently being considered for a film.

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