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My Son...

Your mother has been in Utah for nearly a week now. I took her to the Van Nuys Fly-away Sunday afternoon. I'll let her detail her stay there but yesterday events were such that her plans for coming home this evening were changed. First, when I arrived home last evening there was a message from Pam on the machine and she sounded urgent. It took me some time to get through because I didn't have the right number, but when I finally did, she filled me in on the last several days of their lives which included two ultrasounds failing to find the child's heartbeat, and dashing their hopes for a newborn in July. Then, too, Brian's father had fallen in the back yard this week and stuck his head. The nature of the injury combined with a preexisting back condition resulted in making the accident serious and he may need surgery soon. He has lost motor skills. I phoned your mother and brought her up to date and she called Pamela and spoke with her as well.

Then this morning early Jan called to tell me that she had received a call from David in Highland. Dad had taken Mom into the hospital in the middle of the night with fluid on her lungs and although they had her stabilized she was going to have some tests to see why her heart wasn't keeping up. She was considering having her ticket for this evening changed to later in the week, or alternatively, keeping open the possibility of coming back with Dallas.

I spoke with her again this evening and she has a flight on Wednesday evening and is now in Provo. Jared and Julie took her down and were planning to meet up with Dallas after the BYU-USU game and then head back to Logan. Your mother plans to stay in Provo for the next few days. Mom Brower most likely won't be out of the hospital until sometime Monday.

It appears that her condition has been building up over a period of time and apparently her present doctor hasn't been up to snuff on what could be done to keep her under control. There is a change of doctors in the works for both her and Dad Brower.

With Mom safely on her way last Sunday evening, I returned home and finished up the family Christmas poem. My plans were to get the family letter out on Monday and I wanted our family verse to be a part of it. You should have already received it, although with the events of this week I have made some changes that will be reflected in the hard copies we will send to friends and those not involved. That should happen this week... after all, Christmas is upon us!

Serra had some tournaments this week and they won their first game 57-7. The rest of the games they didn't fare so well. David did the stats thing for a couple of Freshman games this week and I dropped by to watch him do the last quarter of each. He's gotten pretty handy at it and the officials depend upon that table more than I realized.
Meanwhile, I filled in at the school for Mom and the See's fund raising thing. I pulled a couple of high priests together on Thursday and we completed Lynette Moore's new fence project. It took about three hours; we already had the rails and the first series of panels up and had only to put the rest of the second series of panels. As it turned out, Bishop Thompson's power hand driver recharged itself sitting in the Caravan from the project on Saturday last and I was able to use it to complete the job. We also put up a short enclosure in front of her pool equipment to tidy up the yard. I will go by sometime when I have a couple of hours and banzai her overgrown fitzers and cedar trees between the pool and fence. A little sunlight to the internal parts of the plants and a few months to grow and and they won't look that bad. She can always cut them out and start over if the procedure doesn't work.

We've been having extra practices for our Sunday evening program scheduled for tomorrow evening (some way to spend a wedding anniversary, wouldn't you say, with your mother in Utah and your poor lonely old man singing in the ward program). Our choir is a bit smaller this year than in other years. David has been baulking some; he doesn't like to practice. Funny too because he loves being in the Wind Ensemble (and by the way, he corrected my efforts in the Christmas poem this year... he isn't in the Concert Band, that is the lowest band in the school... He's in the Wind Ensemble which is the more accomplished group in the school). At any rate, I think it's time to FORCE him to like it!

Then next Sunday we will being doing a special Christmas Program Cantata in Sacrament meeting (my turn to conduct), and we still have some major work to do on that. So why should this year be any different than last year.

We started the "12 Day" this week. Your mother had all the gifts ready to go before she left. Our tradition has deteriorated some since we started it years ago and each of you kids planned one of the nights and did the "ding, dong, ditch" work, too. The last couple of years we have decided to do a nativity scene with a member of the scene arriving each night with the Christ Child arriving on Christmas Eve. We get little feedback from the families to whom we perpetrate this tradition because they never know who we are. But we continue to enjoy doing it... particularly when it's over.

Sunday afternoon... brisk nights but who can complain about temps in the 80's during the day. We did our early morning meetings and choir thing this morning, then the block, and then had a bite to eat and another choir rehearsal. I have practiced once with Rex Mitchell; he will accompany my efforts at "O Holy Night" this evening as my special number. Judy has asked me to provide a couple of other short solos during the program, and Serra has one as well. As circumstances would have it, your mother will miss the program, and our annual family/friends family home evening tomorrow evening at the Olsens.

Serra called me from school toward the end of the week. Some courageous and gallant soul felt the necessity to key the trunk lid of the mustang. Like a dog leaving his mark at the base of a post or stone, so some of the sons of god debase themselves by such lowly behavior. She felt badly but she can only control her own behavior, not that of others.

We received your letter dated December 2-5, with the notice of your quicky transfer. You indicated that the assistant called you upset but you didn't say why he was upset. It all seemed rather strange but I suppose we will get a chance to chat with you before you have a chance to respond to this letter.

Monday morning... the program went very well last evening. All were in good voice and it is one more thing to have well behind us. Now all we have of consequence in the Cantata next Sunday for which we will have a couple of practices and then Christmas will be upon us.

This week will be some busier than the last couple with several coaches going out before the holidays begin. I'm headed in now to get a head start on the process. The kids are out of school and at this point haven't stirred. We are having incredible weather, almost too good to be true, but nearly everything is frozen so things are somewhat drab. There are Daffodils coming up, Freesias and Renucula as well. Spring should be glorious.

We thought of you on your birthday... but except for the thoughts it was a nonplus day. It's a bit hard to celebrate long distance. We hope someone paid a little extra attention. Oh, and you mentioned you had gotten my letter about not worrying about gifts for the family on your way home. I mention it because we will already have everything we want when you get off the plane, extra things won't be necessary... but it's up to you.

Our love to you... Pop-c

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