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"Big Brother" 


Date Range: 01/01/1952 To 12/31/1952   Comments: 1   Views: 6,783
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My big brother, Don was the spark plug that motivated many family reactions. It seems daily there were things to react to and as I got older I help instigate them. I always thought I'd enjoy seeing Big D in trouble, but actually I was crying asking for forgiveness especially for Big D. I guess I was that proverbial little sister. We shared a love- hate relationship. I was in awe of him always. In my mind Don left large footprints to follow, I will get into that later.

Back to moving day, it was long, exhausting and finally over. Mom fixed goulash and we had celery, goulash, bread, and root beer. We tumbled into bed dirty since it too late to bath. We never ever went to bed dirty so this was a big thing.

When we awoke in our new home, only Don and I were up and about. We wandered around for a while and then decided we were hungry. Hmm,  what does a ten and four year old do for breakfast in a new house with nothing put away? Leftovers. My big brother fixed me a breakfast fit for royalty: cold goulash, flat root beer, dill pickle, and white bread. How could a girl ask for anything more?

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Brian Childers said:
posted on Apr 26, 2010
big bro's

They are there for you, and they are your worst enemy, all rolled into one. Gotta luv 'em