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"The Ravenous Lion" 


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The Ravenous Lion!
Being that I have seen and heard things that are proportional in my life, and even witnessed them, I converged at my own particular sense of inquiry, or folly to exasterbate on the issues of today. Today could have been, a mesh of sequences in rapid time (as generally things have gotten faster, and with that motion, friction of the believable and disbelievable set as a striking contrast to what we knew in the past) This age could have been -Times of the Roman Empire,  Inquisition, the events that lead up to the eras of Napoleon, Bismark..the Kaiser-Hapsburg, Romanoff etc etc- rapid evolution of such, and falls of thus or echos of their firework displays.  Perhaps in our evolution we should consider  a clean break with tradition and an evolution in our society so remarkable that it makes ones hair stand up on end in joyous surprise to say: "How Wonderful!!!". 
 Events of today are layer by layer yielding to what I could see as either something sudden and devastating  (or) is it the formation of a bright New Deal for the planet, Manifesto of Goodness-Reformation, and the emancipation of a New Solid and Scientificly Advanced Culture, a thought based culture that will bring us all together instead of pull it all apart in some massive devastating war that would pull the world apart for aeons.
Enter the Present Day
We can see it all. All of it in real time, from the news on the air, and in movies as well as the mention between the lines. It there right there! Right in front of our noses, the good and bad and ugly.. of a continuous and devastating collapse of all we once knew and had faith in. Or it can be a lesson in new faith of logic...and ideas to come, a future so wonderful that it took 12,000 years of science and art to get to this point and be utilized for the next Golden Age.We face a line in the sand of the present day!
12,000 years of Science and Art...did I day that? Thats an enourmous sum! We can only faithfully account for a few thousand years of this existence and miss a few dates to discovery of even more. Sorry folks I pulled 12,000 years out of the bag as a number. Modern technology has only existed until actually very recently...that we know of...well then again, I like 12,000 its larger and analogous to the religious context to the number 12. More than that 12 is an imaginative number. Hec Im an artist, a liberal (if Im conservative I will be tagged liberal...what the hell, overeducated and well under-paid, what could I possibly know! Hummm? Does life follow art, or art follow life? They have been asking that question for ages without resolve. I can say from first hand experience that I knew the stock market was not only going to trim but sheer during this span of time and I knew that before this it was going to climb up and up to heavens gate. How did I know? Well lets just say...a little bird told me. With this my knowledge also found precision in knowing that the Euro was going up and up during the time (I could have made a killing if I trusted my gut senses...but I also know that whatever goes up, comes down...and often comes down further than the place where it began in the first place. s simple gravity, and it simply exists. We can pump up balloons and watch them spin away...that is the effect of a reacton. When the balloon is out of fuel it comes tumbleing to the ground. The larger the balloon the more difficult to fill, as with the effect on economics. Weve built a momma-sized balloon in our economic system. Like anything that big it was destined for the forces of nature. Its design was based on game theroy and other philosophies that could play on our minds was pure and simple chance made manifest in paper. The stock market. Oh my grand uncle was in the collapse with a seat on the New York Stock Exchange in 29'. He lost a mega million then...but maybe a billion today...his name was 'Marsh' . He was a laughing and jovial man when I met him in Florida as a small boy. But the gleen in his eye never left him for ...a little piece of the action in a more fairly leveraged world...based on value.
Hell there is no value today!
Try to sell this or that, and what do you come up with? Try it! Its a fun game. If you get the value plus interest on positively anything...youve done well. Oh then there is "Pumpy" those inflated values, that ride the wave of interest into oblivion.
Buy a house for an investment! Yes...sure. Am I nuts or what? Dont worry the prices will come back! Not without "Pumpy" the metaphorical childrens doll placed on the gasseous pump to inflate the Zeplin the point where it is about to pop and back off again. Oh hec..."Pumpy" got its way as a childs doll, the delivery...lots of tears! When one plays with fire one has to expect being burned too!
The real lesson...not getting the child within us to cry.
Out loudly..even sometimes!
It breaks our heart when there are tears...nothing could ever replace a childs laughter, but when it comes to tears, we have to place "value" there
A entire generation has grown without a sense of preceived value! A generation is an estimation.
Value for many things has dissappeared. So how could we base a currency or even fundemental elements...if there is not actual value placed on things. We have embraced our virtual culture and existence, to everything there is assigned "virtual" value rather than "real" and "actual" subsidy. Money is debt. Mortgages are real debt. All debts can be made perceived and "take away", by force if necessary-reposession. Oh lordy we designed such an economy over emptiness and nothingness of perceived value instead of what is intrinsicly there...real and actual. Real humans become virtual. We probe around for virtual employees and pets. Gone is the Yamaguci and alive is the virtual office worker that computes in real time, is more efficient, dosent take days off and does not display temperment. (The perfect worker is a machine)
Gone is the friend, the helper, and neigboor. A lone worker is tied to his chair, hoping for a real reprieve from a series of defects that set him up in society. A very lonely existence has come to pass of man set with the machine to find his/her life in proposed time and value. There are people out there who marry virtual lovers and people who make close friends over virtuality yet never meet that person...the value of placement is lost on the space of the internet. Even historical articals that were once considered treasures find themselves to the wastbin for treasures of software and virtual electolysis of the mind in virtuality. If it was never there or not assigned could one be
by virtual value.
Its all really bad news when it comes to the economy, and hopes and dreams shattered by extensive forclosures, bankrupcies, and scandals that rip apart trust. I do not believe it can be better in the present circumstance. It can only get far worse as times go on...if not checked... completely and surely by those in charge.
Some day we may see houses given away or demolished in large numbers -a a replacement to a new tax status-to recheck concepts of value-real value and the consequence of that value.
 Basicly many dont care. If Im talking about value I might as well be talking about real care there. The environment is virtual too...out there, not in our back yard.
Unfortunatly the "We the People", have taken a position in outfield. Where do we place our values? Real? Preceived or Christ Born? There is scattered talk of the ideals of America and the repairs that need to made to this house, our house before it too is reposessed.  
Some have tried to focus these as very important issues...Democracy, what democracy means and how it could be possibly be at risk.Of course it is at risk when there are no values on democracy, or the people who are involved in this democracy.
Caring is a very important word. It requires people to care. It is an action word.
The word I am going to use is oblivion.
Another word that seems pertainent is oblivious.
Being "oblivious" is not a very good
Some people are embracing this word as well as the action that goes with it.
Someone today remarked that they had to embrace "Oblivion" because it is the ....end of all things.
From this seems rather like "Ignorance".
Can we embrace ignorance as a virtue? Or Oblivion as a religion?
If we do positively nothing will get done except nothing.
A perfect Alabi! In fact too perfect! 
It is from a small podium that I am writing. People are afraid to come forward and speak. The word "Oblivion" came to me in my sleep after the events of yesterday saw me in a very strange place where I had to communicate...but was getting positively nothing but 'static' in the form of talk, and policy instead of action. In some way our culture had lost its tenacity and become oblivious to issues confronting them. Did I say Oblivious?
Rather a dreamtime.
I wish I could do that...just turn my mind off and on like a toaster oven, following policy and proceedure, marks, clicks and checklists...all to mount up a mound of paper, paper clips and a bin the size of Texas in which to do filing and yaw back in my easy chair, grabbing a beer and watching "Star Hunt" for lost dreams of fame and fortune...oblivious to any comment, or need or care for another individual.
Then I recognize the world and source. I see so much happening and allot which is not. People are asleep and the Gulf of Mexico is being filled with oil, all the fish dying and the sea colored from space a bright shade of orange. No one cares.
On the other hand we see a power struggle of intensifying forces that struggle to put very durable shackles in the peoples minds as what is to be believed, what is media, or what is outright propaganda.
There are many glass houses and pots to be colored in varieties of shades here, what is lacking is solidarity. The media itself has served as a device to confuse, disorient and promote contrast among people...forming a notion of disbelief.
What better podium could a lecturer lose his audience except by a notion of the unbelievable or disbelievable! Yet this is the case.What is needed is solidarity among people of all orders and classes, and a sense of dynamic priority, real leadership and prospectus. The act of doing, progress, is far better than the talk that promotes doing from the laggard politician. Action speaks louder than words. And of course there are allot of words from the salesman trough the politician that will say...everything is fine, when we can see the evidence of what has the potential of happening.
Confusion. What a better place to find a finely tuned despot than a confused environment...
One thing is for sure...They will take charge and quickly, and it will be a very easy leadership by "Demand" not "Democracy". Ye Gods...if one cannot see what is happening, one needs a good optician! Its 20/20 at least to those who are trapped in circumstance.
Everyone is afraid to step up to the metaphoic plate because of the conditions. No one wants to be blamed and no one wants to take charge...they might be unliked or hated by their attempts at taking action. Yes at this point we need an enlightened leader, one who is intelligent, sharp, and able to cut the flack out of the system in a surgical manuver. All the voices that we see and hear in the media are set-up very efficiently by voices in charge. We would love to think that it is a mere coincidence or confidence in chance, all of what is seen and heard that is going on. But it is controlled to a larger extent, all of what you see and what you hear!  If it is not the world as we know it is poised on the most tremendous disaster of the 21st century and a tremendous shift of wealth and power that has never been seen in History. And if it is not controlled, if it is mere chance we have a tremendous shift that will occur out of sheer chaos.
There is a problem with division In the world of Oz. Who is in charge? Is it the Lionman, The Strawman or the Tinman or is it Dorothys tears of compassion and empathy that are lost in a mere dream only to awaken and find that Emerald City of Oz all metaphore. It was a little man behind a curtain that called the shots all the time! Out frightened the 'little people' from which we could generalise ourselves as a culture, pointed in every which way towards the basis of semantics- referancing a total abstraction, the collision and implosionof values that might over the long term bring our poor country to a desperate point.
But on the light side...all is well, as illusion is 99.9 percent of the game...right?.
The illusion: This was initiated by some for the benifit of some, this is not random, but controlled. It has weight and teeth sometimes as one well knows. What we see and here is not by accident or is commissioned as an artist is a painting.
Even Dreams have teeth in Night terrors. But then who am I to say.
We Live in a World Based Dis-Belief
The concept of "Divide and Conquer" works. Divide the beliefs and you have weakness. The more weakness one has for lack of beliefs the better the conquest. The less we pay attention the better it will be.
Likened to a driver who has had way too much to drink at the wheel of a car travelling 90 miles an hour.
If stopped there is a citation involved.
With those who ignore what is going on...there is a word called "ignorance" that can be perfectly worn as a shoe that is rather tightfitting after the rain. This shoe was made of paper to begin with and only looked like plush leather. Unfortunately the mill which made it out of business because of the shoddy product which now gives bare feet as an example of "ignorance", that feel-good moment that says..."Its niiiice and everything is alright", after a good mint julip moment and praise of a purchase of a expensive pearl that was just paint, paste and plastic.
Has one ever realized that we are asleep at the wheel? That the car is travelling 100 miles an hour and there is a precipice ahead?
Its not fasionable to notice this.
Now when we receive repossession notices, how does that feel?
Or when our jobs are lost?
What about when our belongings are taken away because of the reposession? This is happening...and this is happening now.
Well many people will say..."It was just their own fault" and blame the neigboor for his spending habits. Others will say..."Oh there is a job out there to take the place of the last one" Easy solutions to those who make them. Our world is held in the idea of cause and effect. We are trained in to that in our youth. Circumstance is far away and our world of make-believe is dressed so casually that we will watch "To the Stars" while the repo-man is taking the Ferrari out of the be discovered the next morning. There is always a cause and its logical...right? Not exactly. Circumstance is effect leading to cause and then to effect. A person loses their job by default, the companies are downsizing. Similar person cannot get a job because they "dont have the right degree of experience" or are "too experienced (too old) to encounter fresh graduates from college. (Here comes the alibi)
"Alabi" Based Society 
Always there is a causal relationship...cause and effect. Circumstance dosent lead to a good alabi. God did it. Karma did it. Or the dog ate the homework scenario may result in a sad effect....disbelief...even if positively as true as God. We must have some scheme involved...Cause and Effect...not circumstance. All the alabis! We are sunk into an Alabi Based Society that can be trecherous to the unintitiated, making a gray streak  into a colored montage, and in the final analyis...rabid and vicious with blame! Who dosent have an alabi! Its a fixed region of the human condition to have a reason to form cause. Sometimes circumstance presents great abstractions all on their own. Ah the Alabi! Its needed..for an alabi can represent what could be called an infinitive abstraction. Well of course that has to be the case!
A Culture of Mysticism...
When things go down, and they go  down hard who is to blame? The first people who will be on the scene are the mystics.  We may talk about them...they know who they are. And always there is a infinitive abstraction in their pocket to cast blame. In new age methodology it is Karma and Dharma. Some cultures say it is this god or that one...even a whole collection of them. In our culture one might find that too. Going to hell for ones sins may surely be a divine punishment, certainly, Going to heaven may be a reward. But to place blame is a false setting...and I do believe it violates one of the 10 commandments- or possibly even two-which were set up for law and order (in the final analysis...even those on the other side of the iron curtain, deeply instilled in State oriented governments said...well the ten commandments...hummm, rather logical to even Lenin!) I believe that commandment would be "Bearing False Witness...speaking in behalf of actuality, in present tense and "Thou Shall not Kill" ...speeking of a punishment levied because of Bearing False Witness. Of course I would like to elevate this religious material some better authority than man. Whatever, and what ever is not. (period) Mystery-ism. Why it happens and why not. A belief in Oblivion is sometimes the perfect answer to religion, but then again it is my take on things. Blame and mystery-ism, there has to be a conflict somewhere, all to get whatever it is...not done. Better safe than sorry as the old saying goes..
There is way too much about the human environment that needs clearing form attached entities real and imaginary. Our environment needs concious is where reality comes in and virtual existence takes a hike. Our values are our children and their environment for tomorrow. In each case we hand our problems as they are heirs to this. 
The natural environment has allot of analogies including those in our cities and on our countryside. 
That old addage...of who, did what in the closet...we hope its the family not a good answer to the solutions that need to be met. Some values need to be established or the Environment, (Human as well as toast for the next century) But make it not an excercise in the word oblivion, make concious reality from this...and things turn around.
We have people.
Not quarters and pennies on two feet with a brain somewhere in the middle (unajusted)
Learn to be aware.
Live some fashion of awareness...
and maybe this will someday be enlightenment.
Oblivion...never made a soul
or provided a quarter, penny, a brain somewhere to be found.
We must be educated to be enlightened...and paid to be prosperous.
Until that time...
Until that time when personal and civil values are re-established, it is obvious that growth and expansion will slower than any time in recorded history. People are loosing interest when they need to gain purpose... An abyss or the word oblivion are not good choices for the future, our economy or resources to hand to our children.
If we dont do anything now...when will it be done, without values:
There will be no great feats
No great cures
No challenges because there will be no value...
And above all
A supreme Value in the conditions of humanity, its purpose, civil liberty and freedom are some of the largest issues to be addressed as our environment and economy are closely linked together in metaphor and actuality. Tomorrows horizions may be remarkable if steps are laid in this direction and purpose.

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