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I am adding this additional chapter to my introduction, because after I initially wrote the introduction, it was very difficult to come back to it and try to make sense of all that I have experienced through the various stages of my life and the trials that I have endured or overcome.  I wish ...


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The story has already been written for awhile on my blog "From the heart of Praise, Prayer and Perseverance. 0; Here is a link to that posting, Below are the pictures of the blessed event.   http://fromthehea rt-dotwigg.blogsp other-2-prayer-re ml


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"Dad Brings Me Back To Reality" 


Date Range: 01/01/1992 To 06/01/1992   Comments: 0   Views: 5,090
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     My mom told my dad about my drinking and partying about six months after I had started.  She had provided some of it and allowed me and my friends to drink in the house.  I had been drinking some since I was 18.  Anyway, my dad came to my room one evening and confronted me.  he said to me, "Your mom says you've been drinking.  Have you been taking your meds?"  I just hung my head and shook it."  He then said, "If you don't stop what you are doing, you are going to die!"  Then he asked, "Is that what you want?"  I said, "No!"  I quit drinking that day.  I went to the doctor then next day and she told me my kidney was in rejection and I would need dialysis within a matter of weeks.  She was wrong.  I started taking my medications again.

     A few months later my dad's truck was totaled when a Mercedes Benz pulled out in front of him.  He got enough money from the insurance to get another truck.  We also had enough to rent an apartment and buy new furniture.  He wanted to get me out of my mom's house.  We moved into our new apartment on June 1, 1992.  It was on the bus line and I still didn't drive.

     Because I knew how my mom would react to my moving out I did not tell her until that day.  I had been receiving SSI since the age of 12 and my mom had been receiving welfare since she and my dad divorced.  My mom had run up a bunch of credit card bills on stuff we didn't really need.  She would buy things for her friends and loan then money.  Well, they never actually paid her back.  At one point she had taken out a second mortgage on our house to loan the neighbors money.  Then they would give her their junk and say it was payment for that loan.  Real lowlife people!  So, when I told her I moving out she was furious.  Keep in mind I was 20 years old and would be 21 in six months.  She said to me, "So, you're gonna move out so I can lose my house?"  I said to her, "I'm 20 years old, you should've thought about that before."  She expected up girls to live with her forever.

     My sisters had no problem with me moving out.  Kari wanted my room.  They had been crammed into the master bedroom and I had had the smaller bedroom to myself.  My mom had made my old playroom her bedroom.  My dad had recently painted my room and put up new blinds.  So, Kari was more than happy to move into my old room.  And I was more than happy to give it to her.  I never looked back!

     I went back to school at Green River Community College to try once again to get my high school diploma.  I was only able to attend classes for about a year.   Eventually I would decide that getting my GED was just as good.


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