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"Karla's Drug Abuse" 


Date Range: 01/01/2003 To 12/01/2003   Comments: 0   Views: 3,184
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     My youngest sister, Karla, is having a lot of problems as an adult.  Karla has been using drugs for quite some time.  She was arrested twice for frequenting a known drug house where she lives in Idaho.  Kelli and I tried to get her court ordered into drug rehab.  The reason we did that was because we love her and we believed that rehab would help her more than jail would.  Kelli told me that Karla was wearing a size 1 or 0 jeans.  She was wearing a size 5 shortly before that.  She had lost entirely too much weight and I was terrified that she would end up dead within the next year.  I was afraid that she would die from doing drugs and not eating, getting hold of some bad stuff or getting involved with the wrong people.

     Karla called me the day after her court date and told me she had gotten out of jail.  I already knew she had because Kelli had found out while I was at dialysis.  The only thing we did not know was that Karla had to pay one hundred dollars before her trial date or I am guessing she would end up in jail.  I wish they had ordered to rehab so at least then she may have had a chance at getting clean.  Now I do not know what is going to happen to her. 

     Karla has been in a lot of trouble since she was about twelve.  She has been to Juvenile Detention quite a few times.  I had hoped that she would stay with my dad when he and I went over to her.  My dad and I went to court and he was given guardianship of her.  However, just as with Kelli, Karla could not handle the rules.  She stayed with me for about a week because I wanted to have pictures taken with her before she went back to Idaho.  We had them done a few weeks before her 13th birthday.  I believe she was doing drugs back then and she had better contacts there.  I believe that is part of why she wanted to go back so bad.  I get so stressed worrying about her all the time.

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