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So, I quit my job. Yeah, I am nuts, but it was just getting too insane and stressful and I realized I have the time and ability to retrain so I might make more than $30K a year, which is so low, we qualify for low income school lunches for the kids! I am hoping to focus on certification in database administration in Oracle as well as learning to properly program in Java, not just do hacks to existing code.

In sorta related news, Legoland California had a job opening for Master Builders. You know, the people that build all the cool buildings and stuff you see at the amusement parks? So I just had to apply. I knew 5 zillion people would apply, they even advertised the job opening on the San Diego nightly news. So I applied, never expecting to hear another word. Joe gave me his blessing to apply (well before he learned what the wages would be..).

Then what do you know, they called me to come in for the job!!! You have to understand, that of all the applicants, they only picked 25 to come in, and participate in group challenges, to be held at the park, in front of visitors: building a copy of a pre-made Lego creation, working as a team to build something, and then an individual challenge. Unfortunately, by the time they called me, we had learned the job would only pay a maximum of $15 an hour, so I had to turn down the offer, but hey, my application must have been pretty cool to make it to the final 25! I did include a link to my webpage of scale miniatures, maybe that helped make the difference.

This week, both of the girls decided they wanted their ears pierced. Becca was first. She has an upcoming medical physical which requires some immunizations. And like mom, she is not real fond of needles. So she decided if she could do the pain of piercing her ears, getting the immunizations would be a piece of cake. Plus, I think, she really wants to have that fashion options. She reminds me so much of my sister Sarah sometimes and her desire to be so in-fashion, but in a sort of rebel way. She like that artistic, bohemian, goth sorta look. Which should be interesting at her new school which requires students to wear tops with collars, such as polo shirts. (So not goth! OMG!) So after Becca successfully got her ears pierced, Megan decided she had to do it too. Megan also spent a lot longer going on about how it hurt, but I sorta expected that. She is at age where she moans and complains about EVERYTHING. Ugh!! Can't wait till she is past that.

The other big news, is we have decided to go on a trip to Hawaii this summer; something everyone in the family has wanted to do for several years. Since I am not working, I can take more than two days off..woohoo. So come this August, we will be spending 10 beautiful nights in paradise, on the Big Island. We are all excited and looking forward to it and I plan on helping the girls make memory journals to put thoughts and pictures in. We hope to go visit the volcanic national park, snorkel, see sea turtles, go to a luau, visit a candy factory and maybe even visit a cool seahorse farm!

So in the meantime, I am doing proper cleaning of the house, getting the kids ready for charter schools next year, working on goodies I plan to make and sell on Etsy and figure out what computer training I will take to retrain.

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