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"Richard Ozanne-Cronology" 


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Richard Ozanne
Born: Richard Marsh (Richard Ozanne-legally changed/80's-90's)
Parents: Ozan Marsh-Patricia Benkman Pianists/Professors of Music-Renowned Professional Concert Artists-
Spartenburg South Carolina/1965-66
Tucson Arizona/ Experimental School for Advanced Pacement 1967/ E.L Wetmore 1967-Canyon Del Oro Jr High, (Ampitheater School District) Tucson
High School: Salpointe Catholic High School, Tucson Arizona
Early-Advanced Summer School:
Chautauqua Institution: Art School 1968-1986
University: University of Arizona, Tucson Arizona
BFA 1982
Art Students League of New York, New York City New York- 1983-1986
Columbia University, New York City 1985/86
Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona
MFA Masters of Fine Arts 1992

Doctoral Study: In Europe- Columbia S University-Foreign Research Program/Dissertation written and Completed: "Perceptible Phenomenon: Color and Electromagnetic Spectrum", an analysis of color and light- 1997 (For Teaching)

Visual Arts-Artist Painter of Classical Media/Avante Garde
Began training as a visual artist in 1968- First Solo Exhibit at University of Arizona "Hall of Fame" Gallery, Memorial Union, University of Arizona 1981- 200 group exhibitions appearances- Numerous Solo (One Man) Shows of Art Work across the United States-In New York City (Debut-Ariel Gallery 1990 New York-Abney Galleries, Nancy Stein Gallery, Andre Roussard, Javits Center-New York Colluseum, -Europe-New Zealand etc. Active 1970- (Present)
Listed In International Whos Who Worldwide
International Awards

Music-Piano (Dilletante)
I have continued my music to this day despite numerous set backs and incursions. Practicing regularly is one of the most difficult tasks, expecially since I am an exhibiting artist. Once in a while I play in public but enjoy the studio work (composing elements and playing the classics) in augmentation to my work as a visual artist (experimental mixed media-multi media pieces are currently under way!)
Began training in piano/music at age of 4 years- University of Arizona-Chautauqua New York- Private Study of Piano 1960's/80's-Principal Piano Teachers Ozan Marsh-Patricia Benkman-Intermittent "solo"-"group" public performances engagements of small groups to 800 people: Across Country and New York City, Europe: Appearances in Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, Krackow, Torino, others- Active: Late 1970's-2009 (as Pianist-not actively playing after 2009) Composer of personal and experimental music (to present-recorded)
Various Classical Performances, Two Pianos-Stringed Orchestra in Prague-MMO (Music Minus One) Etc.
Private Recordings:
Dmitri Kabalevsky Concerto #4 Prague, Op 99 (First Performance in America July 1980, Chautauqua Institute) Arranged Orchestra, also single piano version-
Haydn Piano Concerto in D Major-Two Pianos 1977
Felix Mendleshon Piano Concerto #1 G Minor (Others)
Arranged Orchestra, Prague 1997
Grieg Piano Concerto A Minor-Arranged Orchestra, Czech Republic
Mozart Concerto A Minor K 488, Portion of D Minor-
Saens Saens Concerto #2 Two Pianos 2007 (Complete)
Rachmaninoff Concerto #1 F# Minor, Two Pianos 2007 (Complete)
Rachmaninoff Concerto #3 (First Movement) (not completed-two pianos) 2006
Rachmaninoff Concerto #4 (not completed-two piano version/MMO) Ongoing-
Variations Symphonique Cesar Frank, Two Pianos 2006/07
Liszt Piano Concerto #1 E Flat (Two Pianos) 2 Movments- (2009/10)
Liszt "Variations on a Bohemian Theme"-Arranged Orchestra 1997, Czech Republic-Others- For own private archive, there are no commercial releases for general public for various reasons as to date, only low resolution recorded images at various websites-

*I encourage all musicians to do the same, because of the valuable commodity of "being" a classical musician or other person who has studied music- I encourage live (and only pre-paid) performances, as this is an extremely expensive career from the performers perspective and to give out work for "free" should be the last resort in all possible circumstances except for the benifit of the art which desperately needs enhancement! My credo and my belief is that "artists should be paid to perform {and in the best possible circumstances} available-it is a wonderful gift, a resource, to our current musical/artistic future commodity! A nation that supports the arts in all capacity is on the top of their future potential"

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