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"Chapter 17 The Seychelles Conclusion" 


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Chapter 17 The Seychelles Conclusion


I got caught up in the political rebel movement by sheer chance, there was a tour desk in the hotel foyer and the young lady who was there every day was an attractive little slip of a girl that I got chatting to, she told me she was desperate to get out of the country and that her brother was in prison for being an activist.


In a few days I had persuaded her to go for a walk with me and when we started out from the hotel her comment was “ here goes my reputation we had not gone very far when her friends arrived with a pickup truck and offered us a lift, I explained that I had no money on my person and anywhere we went I would have to be returned.


We sat in the back of the pickup with several other people and when we got in the jungle they stopped to steal coconuts from a plantation, a little later they stopped and we loaded up a motorcycle, it was obvious by the way they acted when they saw any form of authority that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Eventually they dropped us off back at the hotel with my nerves a little frayed but none the worse for wear, I decided that discretion was the better part of valor so as soon as I could I put a phone call in to my new lady love in Holland.


Vora and I took a taxi ride to the other side of the island to a much famed seafood restaurant where we could watch the sunset; the lobster thermadore was double delicious.


The following day whilst lounging on the shoreline one of the local children indicated that I should follow her along the beach a little way into a wooded area, waiting there was an older girl maybe nineteen or twenty and I was pushed down to sit with her, I came to the conclusion that she was a local prostitute and that I was being propositioned, the ten year old girl who had brought me to her was anxious for some action and was pushing the big girls head down towards my groin, this was not an ideal situation apart from the fact we were only about 30m from the hotel we were also surrounded by a dozen or so other younger children of both sexes, so I beat a hasty retreat.


I went for a stroll along the beach on another occasion and came across a young white girl sunbathing topless, I got chatting to her, she told me that her husband was a doctor who was on the island and working in the local leprosy clinic, I was a little put off by this and said my goodbyes and wandered back to the hotel.


The island was beautiful the climate ideal and the snorkelling spectacular, the crystal clear water was a meter or so deep to the coral bottom with all sorts of sea life, there were no insects to worry about and all in all a very pleasant holiday.



We return to England, Vora went back to her house in Freshford and I dropped back into the routine whilst planning my next trip to Holland, Alan by this time was growing into the job of managing the hotel and had got his fiancée Alison doing the manageress job, she had worked previously at the Royal Hotel and had good experience.


I had recently cut down a small tree at the side of the hotel because it was growing too close to the building, and the bare trunk was lying in the side garden, I noticed that somebody had moved it closer to the gateway so I attached a piece of fine fishing line which ran indoors to where I was watching the television, no I did not tie it around my big toe, but I would be made aware if it was interfered with.


When this alarm was triggered I looked out in time to see a man loading the tree trunk into the back of a van, I took the number, informed the police and they traced the van to the local fire brigade, I never cease to be amazed what some people will get up to.


I had various alarm systems arranged throughout the hotel, a very loud alarm bell on the unused drawer in the reception, together with a motion detector that switched on a radio and an intercom system that I listened to from my private lounge or my bedroom.


One evening the loud ringing of the alarm bell caused Alan and I to have to chase two teenagers who ran off in different directions, I failed to keep up with mine but Alan came back having caught the one he chased, the police were duly notified and the thief stupidly still had in his pocket some key ring tags that he had stolen from the reception desk, thief number two was noticed to be observing the action from just up the road and was duly collared, all this had an unfortunate outcome because it turned out that one of the boys was the son of a business associate of mine who later brought him back to apologize so I hope a lesson was learned.


A more serious incident occurred when I was lying in bed and disturbed by the sound of voices in the reception area, an emergency call to the police led to these burglars being apprehended on the premises, they having smashed the glass to gain access through a fire door, removed the bulb from the security light in the lounge, disabled an alarm system which looked as if it protected the bar but in fact didn’t work, disconnected the big television in the lounge which I fortunately had bolted down to the top of the old radiogram it sat upon.


I was disgusted with the results of the court case when the magistrates dismissed the case with no charges; I wrote to the Chief Constable and received a reply that he was not able to comment on the magistrates decisions, so much for the justice system.


My other trips abroad included another trip to Australia and a visit to the naturist resort of Cap’deAgde in the South of France.




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