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"Chapter 20 Naturist Village" 


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Chapter 20 Naturist Village


I had joined the BNF (British the Naturist Federation) and in their literature was an advertisement for a holiday village in the South of France at Cap d’Agde, so I decided in order to extend the summer I would go down there for a few weeks.


I arrived at the nearest Airport and took a taxi to the village where I had booked an apartment, it was truly amazing, they have hundreds of apartments, a post office, bank, restaurants, swimming pools and a garage, all totally nude: all this was situated on a very pleasant safe Mediterranean beach, for a man of my proclivities it was like a dream come true.


It seemed a little strange at first going to the local supermarket picking up your little basket as usual going around the aisles and queuing up to pay, naked as a jaybird, and despite being a little unusual I found it nevertheless to be quite enjoyable.


I spend my days sunbathing, swimming and admiring the beautiful bodies that were everywhere, they even had a little studio for body painting and many little restaurants along the beach, I met many interesting families including one man who made his living selling jigsaws on the Internet, he told me if I really wanted some fun to go along the beach about a mile to the left called Marseillan beach where there was a little area served by a café up on the dunes, it had a policeman on duty until 19.00 and when he went off duty anybody that was still on the beach was free to do as they liked, and we did, the exhibitionists and masturbators performed surrounded by the voyeurs, all in very close proximity.


There was also a club back in the village which was open every evening and for the equivalent of 20 pounds you could go in and watch whatever was going on, they had a huge zacusse for intimate contact, where a willing “lady” might be surrounded by a dozen men, also other cubicles all with windows or holes in the walls where you could watch the action going on inside, some of these were fitted with equipment such as a swinging leather chairs, much fun was had by all, exhibitionists and voyeurs alike.


There was another bigger club outside the village in the main town which was reputed to be even more outrageous, I took a taxi in one evening but it appeared to be closed, maybe I was too early. I do not speak any French but in the village it was not necessary as they were very well used to tourists.


There was very little to do in the way of entertainments but there were plenty of restaurants and bars and after a hard (no pun intended) day on the beach and a good meal it was early to bed and prepare for the following day.


It certainly was a very enjoyable place to visit made more so by a policeman who patrolled naked around his box and whose nickname for obvious reasons was pencilprick, he used to organize the naked ladies into keep fit classes, which were interesting to watch when they lay on their backs doing scissor movements with their legs.


I enjoyed my visit to the village of Cap d’Agde enormously and resolved that I would return to enjoy more of these delights again as soon as possible.


Barbara and Karen with thier toy

Note this is an historical record and things change with time and 25 years is a long time.


On my return I found I had received a card from my eldest daughter Janet which reads:-


If ever you‘re in Weston

There’s a man whom you should meet

He’s the manager, Plummer, builder, chef

At a seaside holidays seat


There’s nothing he can’t handle

From “reception” to the roof

Forty operative bedrooms

Entertainment too there’s proof;


When it’s sunny at the Chairman’s Choice

With lawn parasols and beer,

Gullible guests are told his motto

“We’re semi-tropical down here”


Staff, painting, bookings, stocks and ads

He organizes all-----

The only thing that puzzles him

Is why Alan’s grown so tall?


He’s renowned that the sale rooms

For never been conned,

His furnishing’s improving

Courtesy of Mart and Sir Lalonde


Frankie Howe never “sees him coming”

He buys treasures for a fig

Convertible with know-how

For his schemes - however big;


He’s a regular at the Wun Wah

For take-away or sit down.

When it comes to planner’s meetings

He’s the talk of all the town


His family’s expanding

Grandchildren number four

He laughs too loud for Caleb

But they couldn’t love him more


That goes for sons and daughters

There better halves as well

I don’t know how to end this ---

There’s so much more to tell;


So don’t forget to visit

John Henry is his name

I guarantee that, meet this man,

You’ll never be the same;


Happy birthday Dad

J,D and C


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