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"Chapter 23 Making up" 


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Chapter 23 Making up


I was soon back in Holland knocking on Ineke’s door and we had no trouble after that, we decided the best plan would be for me to rent an apartment for a few months in Scheveningen, it was December and Christmas in Holland is very different from Christmas in England father Christmas arrives by boat in early December and parades through the town accompanied by naughty little men they call black Pete’s


Then later on in the month you can arrange for a father Christmas to come and visit you at your home, then on Christmas Eve the adults go around the town knocking on the doors of their friends and neighbors and at every door you get a drink and then friends join the group which gets bigger and bigger until everybody is paralytic drunk.


Ineke’s eldest daughter was called Lynda and she did not approve of her mother going off with another man so she stayed with her father, Anita and Barbara were quite happy and we got along very well, Ineke had had a few trips to England and so knew my circumstances there, so it was decided that the three of them would come back to England with me.


So we piled all of their belongings into the Mercedes, drove to the Hook of Holland and sailed for England, in no time at all the girls were going to school, I even allowed them to adopt two of the feral kittens that were breeding in the hotel garage, Barbara who was now six developed a hernia by her navel and was treated in the local hospital, and shortly after that Ineke was hospitalized with appendicitis.


I had to go into hospital again to have more cysts removed from my testicles, so I said to the surgeon

“While you are in there can you do me a vasectomy?”


The Knightstone swimming pool was at the bottom of the road and Ineke used to go swimming every lunchtime, I was never a great swimmer, I had good strong arms but my legs seem to have a will of their own, I did get into the habit of going with her every day and where as she would speed up and down doing lengths for about an hour, by plodding on I managed in the end to build up to 50 odd lengths, in a 25m pool.


Ineke had a sister that was living in Holland and we decided to invite her and her two girls over for a holiday, all the sister wanted to do was to consume alcohol and the elder daughter I don’t think was quite hundred percent, younger daughter Karen, was I think a year older than Barbara and they got on very well, after a few days Ineke said that she could not stand them any longer and she packed off the sister and the elder daughter back to Holland.


Karen stayed on with us until she had to go back to go to school, she was a nice girl full of fun and we got on very well, the girls would delight in taking the mickey out of me at every opportunity, but in truth I enjoyed it.


The following Christmas we had had the usual family gathering and a few of us were still sat at the dinner table enjoying extra desserts, as usual we had had Sherry and wine with our dinner and there were bottles of liqueurs on the table, it became apparent Ineke had had too much alcohol when she slowly fell off her chair, I gently lowered her to the carpet, and a worried Barbara inquired “ is mummy all right” so I told her not to worry finish your pudding and we will put her to bed.


The result of that little episode was Ineke went to the doctor and got some withdrawal easing pills and for the next two weeks I rationed her pills, kept her away from alcohol, and when the pills were finished she joined Alcoholics Anonymous and from then on has been teetotal.


The children were visiting Holland and subject to the influence of the wicked stepmother, eventually all the children returned to Holland to live with their father, the wicked stepmother was making all sorts of accusations about them living in England, none of which were substantiated.


Ineke And I were making regular visits to Studland beach and enjoying all the activities there, there was a local action group that was trying to close the naturist section of the beach, and as a result the British Broadcasting Corporation were covering the story for a television program called People, one of the researchers was talking to us and asked if I would mind making my comments in front of the camera, I was interviewed very discreetly with Ineke lying bare arsed beside me as I sat naked talking to millions of television viewers.


Apparently Raymond’s father in-law dashed into a family gathering shouting “I’ve just seen JH on the television naked” but then again he was only one of millions.


Unfortunately the trauma of becoming alcohol free was changing Ineke’s personality, she had warned me that it would take twelve months for her brain to clear, and after twelve months it was obvious she was still very disturbed, and she was afraid that I was going to tell her to leave, I said that I would never do that, but I would set her up in an apartment of her own away from the hotel if she wished.


And that was how Ineke and I parted, she was still going to the AA and had met many friends there, it was not long before one of these friends had moved in with her, sometime later I went to their wedding,


I wished them happiness in the future and as far as I know they are still Married, happy and teetotal in 2013  



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