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"Chapter 29 Escape from South Africa " 


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Chapter 29 Escape from South Africa


My Son Raymond was still working in Cape Town and by 1999 he had opened a Strip Club called Franklyn’s on Long Street, which is the main nightlife street in the city, when I arrived I spent the first week putting up decorative lighting on the front of the building, and talking to Raymond about the finances of the club, it turned out it was costing him thousands of Rand every week, so he decided to close it down and I spent the next week taking the lights down again and packing up everything in the club.


He was renting the premises, but he had a get out clause in the contract and the landlord was not unhappy as he wanted to turn it into offices, Raymond ran it as a hobby but it was expensive to run so he closed it down soon after I arrived, but it was fun whilst it lasted.



I was getting to know the city and the local girls and got to be very fond of one called Megan. I picked her out of the crowd around the car and when we got to the house she said “I've been here before” I recognized her when we got inside, She told me she was 17 nearly 18 and she reminded me that I had actually meet her the year before just before my last return to England; I remembered her when we got in the light, she had a panga slash scar over her left eye.


Then Raymond’s contract came to an end and he had to go back to England to get himself another contract, so he left me on my own in the property in Bellville with two cars and a mad dog called Rufus, this dog was so crazy it would eat the wooden window frames to get out if it was inside the house and to get in if it was outside, one day we left the dog in the garden and it ate so much of the window frame that the glass fell out and cut his paw, not content with that the poor thing went and lay on my bed covering it with blood.



One day they came to repossess the Mazda MX6 because he had not been able to keep up the payments. But I still had the other car, a Mazda 623 to go and do my pickups with.

I had many photographs and videos of my sexual exploits with these girls but I left in a hurry and it took me hours to destroy the tapes, there is one photo of my girlfriend Megan but I cannot find it on my computer.

When I am asked if I am going back to South Africa again, I usually say “Well, they will let me in, but whether they will let me out again is another matter”.


New Years Eve we piled into the MX6 and toured the hot spots Zoe, Raymond’s young female friend was dancing on the side bench in one club and even Ray was trying to dance, Zoe would not quit when we wanted to leave, so I had to grab her put her over my shoulder and carry her out to the car where she sat on the bonnet and refused to get in.


We eventually drove on and parked outside a disco to go and play pool next door, that was fine but when we came out there was a crowd of people outside the disco which included some of my girls, they came running up to me to scrounge some cash, very embarrassing as we already stood out, the only two white men, flash car, two young girls and giving away money.

We drove a few hundred yards and then realized that the car was on fire, the generator cut out had burst into flames, Ray pulled around the corner opened the bonnet and we tried to extinguish the flames. I said lets piss on it. Well I took out my equipment and tried but it was impossible, the girls ran away, they said to get some water, so Ray and I blew on the fire until it went out. The car was towed to a garage, and we took a taxi back home.

Happy New Year.


I picked up Megan one evening and when she got in the car she was weeping, she said “my Grandmother has got to go into a home she is so old”. I commented well as she is living in a container she will be much better off in a retirement home. Megan then suggested that we go and buy something to cheer herself up. We had to go to Woodstock, a low life area just off the motorway. It was late and dark and very quiet so she went and did the shopping, while I sat in the car with the doors locked, very pleased to see her return a few minutes later.


When we arrived at the house she said could she have a table knife, a wire coat hanger and a lighter. I was intrigued. She sat on the side of the bed undid her purchases, a small block of dark putty and a pipe like a cigarette holder and spent the next hour cutting the tiniest piece off the crack putting in the end of the pipe and smoking it. I was mesmerized; I had never seen anything like it before. When she came to the last tiny piece she had me straighten the hook of the coat hanger so that she could use it to scrape the residue out of the pipe. She said that was the best bit.


Then we came to the bitter bit, I wanted to have sex with her but she only wanted to go back to town a get more of the same. We argued for a short while, but she was out of it, so I took her back to town and dropped her off, her comment when she got out of the car was “chicken”.


As I got to know Megan better it turned out that she was addicted to crack. and I did not want anything to do with that. She rang me at ten one evening a couple of days later and asked me to pick her up in the city, when I arrived at the pick up point she just wanted me to give her money. She did not want to go back to the house and made some excuse about having to go and pick up her coat from her roommates, who would not give it to her unless she paid them. Then she tried to lure me into taking her to get it.

She lived in a container up behind the Avis garage, an area I certainly would not go near. I smelt a rat and said, “no money, I am not going there, get out now”.

And that was the last I saw of her, I was on the plane home the next day.

 I thought it wise to make a quick and timely departure for England.


The flight out was at 4 PM and I was at the airport by 1.30 and on the waiting list for a spare seat, I chatted up the captain who was in charge of the final list, he said at the moment there are two spare seats but he could not allocate them until the boarding gate closed, Then he said one is gone, a pilot off duty has taken one seat to get home. I was getting worried as the time ticked by. Then I got a phone call from Megan to go and pick her up; she said she had a surprise for me, she had picked up the two little girls from a home; as she had done before and wanted me to take them to the house so they could swim again. I said “ring me again after 4”. by that time I would know about the flight.

There was a woman who arrived after me also on the waiting list and hovering around the desk, when the time finally came the Captain turned to me and said I could book into the last seat. She was not pleased, flew into a rage and threw her documents on the floor. She was still jumping up and down when I went through the gate to board the plane.


But it was not as easy as that. From the time I last saw Megan late on the Friday night, I had to pack my bags, destroy all the evidence, take some keys to Brian, the man that was going to pick up the car from the airport, take the dog out to Mitchell’s Plain where Cecelia’s Mum lived, and secure the house. Getting rid of all the VCR tapes took hours, I did not have time to overwrite them so I had to pull the tape out cut it up and burn it in the barbeque in the garden. There is a lot of tape in a three-hour cassette. 










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