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"Fly, boy, fly" 


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My wonderful family... It seems to me that I’m flipping through the calendar much too quickly. Time just doesn’t stop but yet it does seem to speed up and slow down at times. It seems like the events a month ago happened so long ago, yet I can’t believe that Jan. is half way done.

Brooklyn is alive and kicking. The weather here changes so quickly but the last couple of days it has served us some great warm sunshine. However, it is soon to change. We got some rain today and we are supposed to get some snow Friday. Speaking of weather…hoping to see another ice storm - last year unfortunately, hubby and I missed it, but we did see the after effects. We were in Kansas City when it happened. When we headed back home, we noticed that the signs, trees, fences, and telephone wires were completely covered with ice cycles. It was the most amazing thing. The scary part was seeing huge branches falling from the trees. Now, it wasn’t the smaller branches that were falling, but huge branches were crashing to the ground. I wished we could have been safe in our home and witness the storm, but I’m sure there will be more opportunities. Also, did I mention the wind that continually blows?

Steve and I went and toured part of the northern state last weekend. We actually drove his flight pattern to another airstrip. It took a lot longer in the car than in the jet. We saw the beautiful landscape of the state of New York; the out of nowhere wonderful rolling hills. In places, the sun is much bigger here and shines forth-magnificent sunsets. One thing weird is we found red sand/dirt. I don’t know where it comes from or how it forms, but some farming fields are red. It’s quite interesting. The streams here quite red due to the dirt, but maybe it’ll be different in the spring.

We have enjoyed having more of the family only an hour and 10 minutes away from us. It’s a smaller family now, but beautiful and great things come in small packages. We also enjoyed the conference. It was downtown Trenton and it was in a ice rink. That was a first for me. Normally during regional/stake conferences, I would be fanning myself, this time I had my coat on the whole time. You could see the ice under the wood and past the rink. Some people even slipped here and there. On the more personal note, it was a great conference. We were blessed to have great spekers there. One of the great messages was to be "happy"!! Simple, but sometimes we forget.

Jeff is flying now, and he absolutely loves it! However, along with the fun comes stress. Jeff comes home after 12-hour days tired, but the day/night doesn’t stop there because he has to study. He is performing very well. Flying comes quite natural for Jeff and his IP’s (Instructor Pilots) have recognized this.

As for me, I’m adjusting quite well to pilot training. I really look forward to the weekends so that I can get reacquainted with my sweetheart. It’s incredible how the wives really stick together. I think that I’m with the wives more than I am with Jeff and Steve for the time being. I also stay busy attending Air Force activities. There are many socials and parties throughout the month that I try to attend. I am also on a "Crud" team. It’s such a fun game and it gets quite intense and competitive. We have weekly practice so to assure us the First place trophy, which will be determined in March. It’s a game that is played on a Snooker table. (It looks just like a pool table but only has 4 holes. We play with only 2 balls, and there are millions of rules, which makes the game quite interesting.) I also continue to go out with the Sister Flyers.

Busy busy!!

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