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"Are you kidding me?" 


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I don't even know how to identify myself. I can't see myself through all the makeup. I don't feel like a person. I'm a mother.
I'm going to whine now. I come home from working the weekend and Mike was home with the kids all day. The house was tore up again! Food everywhere. Trash, clothes, toys. Inside and outside. I was telling a friend that I remember when Cameron was wearing diapers and whenever I went out for a little bit with my friends, I would come home and he would have dirty diapers laying on the floor, windowsill, on top of the diaper Genie trash can. I mean, come on!!!! It pissed me off so bad. He would accumulate it all day and leave them everywhere.

So, recently, this happened and no one was home when I got home. So I cussed and started cleaning. There's more to this but I don't care to write it down right now. They come home and Mike is not feeling well. Yeah, right. Then he jumps in the hottub with our daughter, who's 5. I don't have a problem with that.

I have a problem with my daughter coming in the house a while later and telling me "guess what, Mama. Daddy said I could pee on the grass".  Really?

I bit my tongue. WTF? It's one thing for Cameron to do it because he's a boy. Which by the way, I have not let him do that. It's another thing if we are camping. Which it's been a long time. And another thing to let my daughter expose herself outside because she had to take off her swimsuit I'm sure, unless he let her do it through the suit. And then to top it off, Mike gets so mad when the dog will go anywhere but her potty area. Which I don't allow because I leash her and take her out myself. But think about it, the spot is there now and the dog will smell it and want to go in that spot now. My daughter is not a dog!!!!!

I don't care if it was dark outside. I am always on her about not being naked when we waved to people through the window or when we answer the door. I'm teaching her about privacy and changing in her room instead of in front of guests.

Why? Why me? Screw this. This is why I drink and smoke.

that was last night...

Today we had lunch at a restaurant. Mike took Cameron to the bathroom (surprise, surprise.  Last time we were at a restaurant, I noticed him squirming and I told Mike to take him to the bathroom and he said he was fine. No, he wasn't. He stood up on the chair and pee'd. I took him to the bathroom and cleaned him up. Came out and said to Mike "I told you so.")

This time they come back and sit down. Mike tells me how he hates public bathrooms. Then he says in a proud voice how he figured out a way to keep Cameron from touching the toilet. He proceeded to tell me that he made him stand up on the seat and held him so he could lean a little bit and that's how he did it.

I had an opportunity now. I said "I'm not too happy with the choices you've been making lately". Immediately this gets his hair up. I brought up the fact that he let Audrey pee outside in the grass. He gets smart and says it wasn't on the grass it was beside the tub. Still, I didn't like it and I didn't like what he had Cameron do just now. I said I don't want him to stand on the toilet at home, what if he fell and broke his neck? I couldn't help myself. I had to put in there that us girls don't get a choice. We have to clean off the seat and place paper over it. I had more reasons why but everytime I opened my mouth, he rolled his eyes and snapped "Alright! Ok! Fine! I get it!". He leaned back in his seat and got real childish. The tone of his voice was ridiculous. I tried to maintain my voice and composure. I tried to talk to him like an adult and not let this pettiness get to me. But it was too much!

I clenched my teeth and whispered just low enough for him to hear, pure anger seething from my voice "You are making me very angry right now. I'm trying to talk to you like an adult and you are embarrassing me". Then I got up and went to the bathroom. 

This bathroom was very nice. It was a brand new restaurant. What was his problem? I haven't spoken one word to him since. It is now 2 hours later. Dick!

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Charisma R said:
posted on Mar 02, 2011
Good news!!!!

The other night, Audrey and Mike went in the hottub. No sooner did they go out then Audrey came back in dripping wet and said she had to go potty. Yay! Mike listened to me! Audrey said last time she went through her swimsuit, looking at me questioning. I said we're not doing that again and I helped her get the wet suit off and go to the bathroom. It's so hard for the little ones to get wet suits off. lol!