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"Elvis is Alive!" 


Date Range: 03/29/2011 To 03/29/2011   Comments: 1   Views: 14,037
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It is true! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! I am not telling! Nanny nanny boo boo!

What can I say? It was absolutely life changing! Can you believe it? That I would get more from one night in Vegas than I would have from a therapist. But it is so true!

Apart from the reason we went there, which was awesome in itself, I got more than I ever dreamed possible. Let me start with the first night. Nothing happened. We got in late, accidentally bumped into our friends who were getting married in the casino. Talked for a few minutes, hit a couple slots, then hit the hay.

The next day was good. I didn't know what was going to happen since we were pretty much on our own. The wedding wasn't until the next morning. I am not ashamed to say that we got suckered into listening to somebody rattle off about timeshare for a couple of hours with a free lunch just so we could have free show tickets. Not ashamed one bit to take their money because we are not stupid to buy their hotel desperado in the desert. They wouldn't give up though, initial offer was 30k, then it went to 15k, then finally 4k. Still. Uh no.

The show was worth it! Spoiler alert! We went to Fantasy. If you don't want to know about this, stop reading!

Yes, it was a topless dance show. If you're not a spinster, I recommend it. It was very tasteful. Very classy. There were a lot of couples in the audience. Ok, so I was a little uncomfortable at first. I mean, I wasn't really that in touch with my sexuality but I did loosen up. It was so cool! They all had their own unique personalities. One was quiet and shy in her dance movements. Another was very energetic and perky. Then there was another that seemed a little rebellious. She reminded me of Pink. They each had their own talents too. No, not like that, silly boys. I mean one did belly dancing, another did the hanging from a scarf trapeze stuff (what do they call that?), and so on. That trapeze stuff was amazing! The lady had an outfit that covered her whole body but yet not and she was so fast, twisting and falling.

There was a surprise in the middle of it. They had a black man comedian come out while the girls were changing. He was hilarious! Now I can say I saw it all! I saw James Brown, Sammy Davis Jr, Michael Jackson, and Tina Turner! He was fantastic!

The wedding was in the morning on St. Patty's Day. Our friend, Dave, wore a kilt and Sue had a classy dress (Hepburn-like). It went well together. They're both Irish as you can tell. The ceremony took place at a drive through window in a limousine. Even though it sounds corny, it was still beautiful and I cried.

We gave them tickets to The Blue Man Group as a wedding gift. If you never been, well then don't read this because it really is all in the experience, but I've got to write a little bit about it.

They warn you not to be late because they will harass you and it disrupts the show. We had great seats, right in the middle towards the front but not too close. Everyone in the first few rows had to put on rain parkas. They had two marquees interacting with the audience before it started. Mike was even famous for a split second because they named him as the one who mapped the Human Genome.

I really don't think I can describe The Blue Man Group. They really fill your senses with colorful sights, sounds, etc. My seat vibrated from all the drumming. My heart was pounding with excitement!

Did I forget to mention that we walked the whole strip? And I was wearing heels. Not funny. And no, I was not being stupid. We didn't change after the wedding and we were going to take a bus. Turned out with the group of us it would have been cheaper to get a cab, but we couldn't get one. By then Dave was anxious to get moving so he led the way. I was dying! Literally one end to the other! How many miles is that I wonder? Yikes!

But I did see Elvis! And I was not hallucinating from the pain in my arches! I even got a picture to prove it!

Oh by the way, Dave's father came to the wedding. It was their first time ever meeting in Dave's whole 45 years. That had to be weird. His father was a strange one. I couldn't handle him for very long. He sort of reminded me of my dad in one tiny sense. The fact that he would open his mouth and just about anything would come out which could insult, embarrass, ridicule, demean, so on and so on. Nice guy though. He talked loud and still had to stand in your personal bubble. Very uncomfortable.

His father is a regular vacationer in Vegas. Guess what? He is good friends with Elvis whom we met in passing on the strip. Weird.

We ended up in Freemont Street late that night. I was able to hook up with a girlfriend from back home in Minnesota who just flew in that night. It was so great to see her again! Oddly enough, she's the other Sue that I talked about in my story Divorce In Las Vegas.

Freemont is unbelievable! The overhead arch where they have music videos that encompass the whole street. It is so long! I loved it there. Next time we are going to stay in Freemont. The slots are looser!

We went on a helicopter ride the next night. Speechless!

We didn't have much luck on food though. A couple of places were really nice but the buffets... not so good.

As you can tell, I'm trailing off here with gaps in my story. Sorry, not telling. But maybe I can elaborate without giving details. Hmmm. I'll come back to it.

I freaked out the last night we were in Vegas. The crowds weren't so bad early in the week, but by Friday night the crowds were so massive that I was almost hyperventilating. I had to go back to the room and stay there. No more gambling for me. Not that I was doing any good there. Although I did hold my own for a while on the Wheel of Fortune slot and roulette.

Ok, time for a break. I'll come back and see if I can tackle telling a story without really telling a story.

She's pretty uptight most of the time. She never learned how to accept herself. Love herself. Instead, she was taught to feel guilty. She was an obsessive person who would go to extremes when it comes to indulging herself. Shopping, drinking, that sort of thing.

Drinking is a natural all day event when it comes to Vegas. Being such a lightweight drinker, she wasn't feeling the pain in her feet by the end of the night. Every opportunity to sit was taken which didn't help her odds on the slot machines.

She felt very little inhibitions by this time as she swerved here and there. Music filled her soul but somehow seemed far away. Transparent. Were people watching her? She didn't know and didn't care. She stayed seated, hidden from most eyes. It was dark and smokey. She didn't think about her shortcomings or her insignificant petty issues that normally pop in her head. All of it was gone.

Though she dressed like a lady her body was far from acting like one. Losing all mind control she relaxed and enjoyed the scenery. She took in the beauty that was all around her. The lights, the music, the people. It felt good. It felt right. Not the sinful city that everyone talks about. People were laughing and having a good time. Others were in their own little world, quiet and focused. Money. Sickening money was flowing everywhere. She couldn't fathom the amount of money. As much as the stars.

There were no worries that she would run into somebody she knew. It was just her and her man.

He had an easy going air about him. He's a Gemini and sometimes she could see more of the lazy boy in him than she did the man. This time the man came out tall and confidant. No indecisiveness. No judgments. His eyes had a hunger like a tiger ready to pounce and yet he was a gentleman. Little things gave her hope like his hand on the small of her back. It made her feel wanted, respected, and loved.

They hungered for the same thing. Their own love bank starved. He held in his hand her future. The past forgotten. She stepped outside of herself for a few moments. She didn't think. Total senses filled with a soft touch as quickly as a simple flick of her hair. She felt young and beautiful. Oh, how she missed that feeling. That feeling of being alive!

She didn't trouble her mind with reasons why she couldn't feel this way at home. There was only now. This moment; where the woman in her came out. As a dream, this woman held her hand and led her like a child to another place. A place where no one judged and talk was unnecessary where dreams were brought to life.

She was a vision. He was unable to take his eyes off of her. She swayed with the music letting it fill her emotions with pure pleasure. Like a decadent chocolate she melted away. Naivety washed away with the strong tide of womanhood. Coming out, the brilliant splendor of translucent wings; iridescent with the wonder of light dancing among the tips, veins of color rushing along the web of flight.

She was free! She could fly! She could be herself! No one could have given her a more perfect gift.

Now really. You can't say that you know what happened. For one, you don't even know if any of this is true. You don't know who, what, when, where, why, or how. It may be nothing. ;) Although after reading that second to the last paragraph it almost sounds like I was on drugs. Don't worry, guys. I don't do drugs and I wouldn't be working where I am today if I did. Or I guess you could read into it as if I'm coming out. lol! Isn't that riot! Me? No, not me. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's just that I can't even love myself let alone another woman. But I will say that something has changed me. I am a new woman! Wow, is this the prime years? Interesting.

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Patrick Kelley said:
posted on Mar 31, 2011
It doesn't matter

what, when, where, why or who changed.  As long as it makes you happy, it has to be good.
But, I have to tell you, that is one damned good piece of writing you did there.
Maybe you should go to Las Vegas more often.