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"I dont know what to think" 


Date Range: 08/05/2011 To 08/06/2011   Comments: 1   Views: 3,652
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Is it wrong of me to not want my boyfriend to hang out one on one with another girl? She isn't just any girl though, she is constantly posting on my boyfriend's facebook wall saying how great it was to see him and how much she's missed him. And she is always texting him.

I shouldn't worry, because I know my boyfriend would never cheat on me, but it isn't him that i don't trust. It's her. She is OBSESSED with her current boyfriend, but he shows absolutely no emotion towards her. So I worry that she is going for my boyfriend because she is jealous of all the affection he gives me, and she wishes she had that.

I tried explaining to my boyfriend why it bothered me so much, but he just doesn't get it. He kept telling me that I just don't trust him and that if I wanted to hang out with my guyfriend he would trust me and let me go, even though he knew I use to like that guy. And he also explained that she wouldn't ever hit on him because she is in love with her boyfriend, and that if she did try something, he wouldn't ever talk to her again. But the thing is, is that I do trust him, I just don't trust her! And I don't want to be a controlling girlfriend, but I am not comfortable with him hanging with her. But then he throws the "Why wont you let me be with my friends" move. I don't care if he hangs out with friends, just not a girl who 1: Always seems to want my boyfriends attention and 2: A girl who tried to convince my boyfriend to break up with me and called me all kinds of names.

Something about her bothers me and I just despise her wanting to be with my boyfriend. And I KNOW that if I wanted to go hang out with HER boyfriend one on one, she would not like that one bit! I mean, seriously, this girl freaks out with another girl just posts "Hey!" on her mans page.

I just don't know....I need help.{#basic-undecided.gif}

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Sam Henderson said:
posted on Aug 31, 2011

If the man sees it as a competition for who can "win" his affection then he's not the man for you. I only speak this as a creepy older guy... lol

But seriously, trust him until he does something to lose your trust. You'll expend wayyyy too much energy worrying about her pathetic attempts to get attention by going after the "forbidden" fruit.