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"Background as written by me" 


Date Range: 01/01/1971 To 10/08/1976   Comments: 1   Views: 3,145
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Dad was a master tailor. Schneidermeister in German. At 14 or 15 it was normal for young men to enter an apprenticeship for three or four years to learn a trade. They would then advance to the level of journeyman and were required to travel around the country to work for various masters to learn their trade from different perspectives. The journeyman time was a difficult period for these young men as they were away from home and had little money to spend. The Catholic Kolping Society (Katholischer Gesellenverein) had houses in most cities where these men could live while working in the area. My dad's memories of these houses and his membership in the Kolping Society stayed with him his whole life. He was a loyal member after his emigration to the USA of the Philadelphia Kolping Society. After his retirement in 1971 from working in NY in the theatrical customs industry he planned to go back to revisit the places of his youth with my mom. Yet he was sickly and in bad shape by the time this trip came to fruition. He planned it with other Kolping brothers and arranged to meet and stay with others in Germany. Two years after this trip in 1974 he died.

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