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"The Loss of My Brother" 


Date Range: 02/05/2013 To 02/05/2013   Comments: 1   Views: 109
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After the loss of my brother in 2005, my life took a sudden turn for the worst. My only brother hung himself at the tender age of 27 years old. It was a nice day in the month of April. As a matter of fact it was a beautiful day. I remember sitting on my couch folding clothes and talking to my friend Lina. The phone rang and i picked it up. It was my uncle calling from Southern Illinois where my mother lived. He began to tell me that Jarrett had hung himself in a cemetary. I was flabergasted. My brother was mentally ill. He had paranoid schizophrenia which started developing around the age of 21. He was homeless for the past 10 years. His illness had destroyed him slowly. Now he had tragically ended his own life. Why? I asked myself this a thousand times.  Why didnt I see it coming? Why didnt I save him? What did I do wrong? My heart sank to my knees. This just cant be! Why did God let this happen? He had a heart of gold. He would do anything to help me.

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Tracey Cichlar said:
posted on Feb 12, 2013
The Love of a Sibling..

Amy i just read ur entry here on this wonderful site u found.. and am crying :'(    I am truly sorry 4 ur loss.. and ur heartache.. u r such a Angel.. as was Jarrett.. ty 4 sharing with me.. and others.. i am goin 2 get busy over here.. on this site.. i so luv u.. ur friend.. tracey lee.. a.k.a. tlc