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Date Range: 12/01/2011 To 05/04/2012   Comments: 1   Views: 5,442
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Hello World!! I'm back!! I'm beautiful!! And I'm happy!!

     The divorce is final. April 11th as a matter of fact. I did it! I actually faced my fear and trudged through the mud. I came out of the other side covered in thick sticky gooey mud from head to toe. But wait! There's a beautiful waterfall with shimmering rocks all around. The glistening sparkles of sunlight dancing off the boulders beckon me to come hither and bathe in the refreshing shower and then lounge on the flat rock letting the sun embrace me with its loving warmth.
     Ha! I love it! Life is good. Life is wonderful. Life is love. Love is power. God is love. Ok, so maybe I'm on the high end of my bipolar depression right now...nah. I'm free. It's all good. After that mud bath I was talking about, it exfoliated my life. I do struggle with some things but the majority of my life is absolutely great. Take for instance, Love. Love is great. God's love, all around us. It's like the light. Darkness cannot snuff out the light but light can obliterate darkness. God's light is good. Good is positive. Positive feels good. I can go on and
     I won't talk about what I'm struggling with because that gives it power. I don't want that in my life anymore so I'm focusing on good positive thoughts. I'm focusing on the inside and working on me. I am enlightened and I want to explore this and absorb everything I can about it.
     I get to have quality fun time with my children. They are growing so fast! I can't believe it. Soon it will be summer and I'll have them more. Yay!
     I moved into a new home. Well, not brand new like I originally planned. That didn't fall through. A good thing too because I would've been hurting with that payment. No, this is an older home and small. But it has 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths... and a in-ground heated pool! Tell me that isn't awesome!
     My daughter's anxiety seems to be lifting with  her maturing. She's not sucking her thumb anymore and she's doing good sleeping in her own bed. Cameron is so sweet and playful and talking so good. I couldn't have asked for better children. I can't get over their personalities. I have to watch myself from laughing at the pure joy I feel for concern they might think I'm laughing at them.
     I don't want to talk about the ugliness of the past. Maybe some other time or maybe I'll just let it go and focus on now and the future.
     I am happy on my own but I am also compounding that happiness by sharing it with someone. Did I already mention that I met someone on We talked for 3 hours the first time. I found out he is best friends with my coworker, Joel. Remember Joel? The one I worked with during the Spent Fuel Pool Cleanup project? The one I said I have more respect for now that I've worked closely with him? What do they call that? Stockholm syndrome? Haha. Well, that just told me right then and there that I could trust him and go out on a first date.
     Get a load of this. I'm at work and Tara comes up to me. She said "guess what?" I said "what". She said "I've got a blind date". I said "me too". She said "I'm going out to dinner with him on Wednesday". I said "Me Too!" She said "we're going to Casa Mia". I said "ME TOO!" She said I'm going at 6 o'clock. I said 5:30. We laughed!!! How very strange! (of course it's not the same guy, silly)
     I had a great time! That was quite a long time ago now. Ok, so you want to know more about him? His name is Tony. He's half Italian, half Mexican. Speaks both languages. He's a former marine, an ex-cop of 10+ years, now works as a commercial assessor. And the coolest thing...he owns a boxing gym. What's even better....he's hosting for the first time ever in the Tri-Cities the Jr. Olympics District Championship Boxing event. And it's tomorrow! It's going to be outside and it's going to be perfect weather. He got Texas Roadhouse to donate peanuts and they are serving beer and hot dogs. It's going to be the best time! I can't wait!
     One night we were watching a fight. I don't remember who and Audrey walked into the room right at the moment the fighters headbutted each other. She saw the cut on the guys head and she was hooked. She wanted to watch the rest of the fight. LOL! I thought she was supposed to be a girl and all sensitive to that stuff. Too funny. I'm learning something new aboutmy daughter.
     Tony used to fight. He told me his numbers but all I can remember is 4 knockouts. I would love to see him in action training his fighters in the ring. No, I haven't had a chance to go to his gym yet. I've been busy. That's changing. Things are calming down and I'm so happy in my home that I don't want to leave. It just feels good and right.

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Patrick Kelley said:
posted on May 08, 2012
I feel an "I told you so" coming on...

But that doesn't matter.  You are happy.  I'm so happy for you.  Bless you.