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"Towards a Quality International Education" 


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Promotionof Quality International Education

ByRichard Ozanne

Onemust be frank, and even blunt at times when one talks about the timesone lives and the problems that are seeming to amplify. Thatresources are dwindling for education as well as the arts have been anational concern, and appropriately so. That a nation, any nation, nomatter how large or small is required to have education and a systemwhere about the population can grow intellectually and personally iswithout a doubt a very important matter. Quality is important togrowth, and this is especially true in education. The entire matrixof how well that nation does economically, and physically in thefuture, is on the backbone of this underlying requirement...AQuality Education.

Education is the backbone of thegrowth of society. Put education to the side and almost immediatelyone will sense a decline to the economic wealth and the physicalexistence of the macrocosm as well as the microcosm. From the largeintent of the major corporation to the small business in the smalltown, education means success in a manner of speaking providingsustainable sense of growth can be made both financially as well asthe basic common cause to well being of the work force, effecting thebasic structure of families well beings for generations to come whowant a better life, with a significant outcome.

Theeducational system as we know it should be redefined in structure tomake able those individuals to discern and define, to thinkcritically and perform thought process rather than conform to anactive two-plus-two template of forms, protocols that engage all butthe critical mind, and produce the assembly of a robot-root taskswhich in form, repeats the instructions as instructed, knows thelinguistic meme, answers the phone and makes a great sales pitch asthe program of instruction. One problem is critical, and this is theformation of individual thoughts to the matter of what is needed(critical thinking, creative thought), rather than follow booklets ormanuals, grab a phone and request the proper protocol for furtherinstructions. The template of input-output instruction should bebolstered by furthering intellectual prowess, to engage the mind inaugmenting research, introducing original thinking, and creativeactivity’s as well as the form-filled output as required byoffices, in procedure, checklist and regular process

Ofcourse with many issues of the day, ones conservative nature tends tonot want to rock the boat in liberal thinking, even though thisliberal thinking should be taken into consideration to advance thepossible solution and not perpetuate the problem in the greatest casescenario.

Onemust be frank, and almost overly so, about the problem that ismagnifying. Education is on the back-burner and a growing sense of quandary with the attitudes regarding worth of education is startingto be seen as growing concern, and simply addressed with a sense ofignorance to a cancer that might go away. With companies that are notconsidering qualified educated workers in contrast to those who arenew, young and supposedly trainable in the field is a growing concernand seems to involve a 'tilt' in the perspective of what educationhas regarding its value.

There have been numerous essaysregarding the 'dumbing down' of society’s and culture in westerneducation, and in many regards this is under-estimated as to itseffects in the long term. The problem will not go away untilanswered. This paradigm and problem, and an infectious problem to agreat sense, that involves the world of tomorrow, the growth ofsocieties basic under-pinning which provide for futures bothintellectually, substantially and involves the substance ofexistence.

Qualityeducation in many of ours schools and universities is on the decline,yet another concern of the many with should but is not addressed. Itcaters to the service industry rather than promoting older values ofinclined intellectual establishment, learning, the base of learningand growth of ones mind. The system of for-profit education where bya minimum incremental, not a substantial level of education is beingpassed on is an element that should be addressed by government, stateand business levels. Unfortunately this has been argued and debated,cost analysis run, and the same system returns to a state of moredebate without one issue being done except more reports, that weshould test rather than instruct, and develop as system of paperrather than leap at the problem in question, nipping it in the bud soto speak.

Thata person with a high level of education will be seen asoverqualified, and otherwise 'disqualified', (not allowed to be anactive hire) within the system is metaphorically an equivalent to yetanother rip in the socioeconomic Titanic, the effects beingmagnified in exponential as the problem becomes more serious.

Perspicaciouspeople, young and old, that work long hours to provide themselveswith a degree, advanced degree, or Professional Doctorate should behonored by gainful work, not a number left on the metaphor of alottery table which provides them with only a guise of opportunityand a economic burden of student loans to pay off over a lifetime.The situation we encounter is very serious and a turn for unknownterritory.

Governmentfunding keeps dwindling for education, the end result is obvious in afree-for-all devaluation of education and eventually to society. Howdo we address those educated individuals who are working in a justfor survival setting , now orin the future? Do we accept the responsibility and possibilityof a world analogous with post-industrial revolution scenarios inthird-world type environments for future generations?. Most probably,generally not.

Bethis a call for an alarm, or the final horn blast, which recognizesthe manning of the educational, economic, and social lifeboats is oneissue for critical analysis? We should man the helm in promotingchange, insist upon change and redesign the system and media topromote an active creative impulse to create, learn, augment,discern, intelligently identify, promote, retrofit, invent andredesign a system of protocols and values in this regard to therestructure of the educational system, giving genuine advantages tothis that are beyond parchment.

Isthere as solution? Yes. We know the solution is a system of giving anactual sense of social stratification and allowance, as well asgenuine promise, guarantees and value filled contracts to those whohave education, rather than to allow a system of survival of thefittest scenario that allows people only exist on resourcesprovided to them by nature, with even less opportunity for thefutures (future) in this regard. Our future may eventually thank thepowers of change to be implemented in this regard.

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