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"tammy and bethanys cool lives :L" 


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heyya saddos that might actually be reading this crap .. this is bethany- part one of bethanyandtammy :)

now .. today in our graphics lesson, i said something to tammy to which she answered '' now naturally we googled this to see if there was really a site with such a lousy self pittying name and GUESS WHAT!!! THERE IS.. it is this very site that you are sadly reading now :)

now then .. over the next couple of weeks tammy and i will most likely continue to write on here just as a time waster so stay tuned :D

see ya later suckers

                   bethany (and tammy if she were present at this point in time)

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Oct 2009
Henrietta Giseppe said:
posted on Jul 08, 2012

You know what's interesting about this - you'll really treasure this as you get older. That much I can say (wearing my "grandma" hat now).
If you found your great-great-grandmother's diary from when she was a girl, wouldn't you love reading it? It's a good thing :)

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Jul 2012
bethanyandtammy claridgeandtabib said:
posted on Jul 11, 2012
thanks for le comment :)

thanks for commenting :)
i really hope my grandchildren dont read this, i mean me and bethany are 14 years old.
and we're only writting this as a joke so we dont expect people we know to be reading it :)

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Aug 2007
Brian Childers said:
posted on Jul 16, 2012
what is your problem

then get off the site, dumb asses!
So stupid..... "we're 14 and we're dummmbbbb look at how dumbbbbbb we are, we can't spelllllll and we like to make fun of people online by calling them "LOOSERS"; maybe you ought to stay in school" or "skool" as you probably spell it).
Grow up - or go on a tweenie twee Vampire site. Get out of here if you're going to be idiots.