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When i was little i thought we will always live like a family no matter what.My parents always fought my father used to leave home and returned after months.

The reason my parents fought was,my father was an irresponsible man who neglected his family and only thought about himself.Me and my siblings had a disturbed childhood,every year a new house a new school and his new plans for new jobs,but was never serious about any of them.When i was seven my parents had a big fight and my father left home again but this time for ever.

I remember i was sitting and playing with my toys and he opened the door of his room he had a black bag in his hand saw me angrily and went without saying a word.And i stared without an idea what was happening.
We didn't hear from him for six months and then what we heard was he's getting married again.My parents separated and got divorced.
What made me hate him was,when i was eight i got seriously ill and had a surgery and suffered for five months,when someone told him that your daughter is in hospital he refused to come and see me.From that day i considered him dead,whenever someone asked me about my father i told them he died when i was little and immediately changed the topic. I never wanted to talk about him ever.

It has been nine years since he left us but he never supported us financially and we never saw him again.
We were very hurt and alone but no one came to help us all they did was tortured us interfered in our lives.People are mean to us because we don't have money anymore,they took away everything from us our house everything we had because they thought we are weak and are not able to fight for our right.
My father is now ashamed of what he did but we will never forgive him.
Though our lives are difficult but we are still struggling to survive in the world where people care about money more than relations....

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