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So I Guess I Always ... (1991-2012)
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"My Beginning" 


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I guess I always was a funny kid. I mean how many children are born black/white AND Jewish? I was sort of branded "a weirdo", or a "misfit" from the moment of conception.

I was born March 15 1991 in Montreal Quebec Canada. My Dad's family are of Jamaican descent, my Mother has almost every Eastern European country in her genes. 
Right away I was immediately attached to my Mother, a bond that is still as strong as ever today (even though I fight with her more than anyone else in my life). I was the apple of her eye and was spoiled rotten. My Dad on the other hand is a lot more subdued and is not very good with showing any sort of emotion whatsoever, but I like to imagine that he was extremely happy when I was born, and I am sure that he spoiled me in his own way.
My Father was always a very powerful man, he always had very respectable jobs, and all of them help to make the world a better place. I am not too sure what he was doing at the time of my birth, but my family was always well off.
My Mom is a social worker, who has always had her own private practice where she does individual, couple, and family therapy. She is quite good at what she does, and she knows it. My Mom was the one who convinced my Dad to have children, otherwise he wouldn't have bothered at all. 
My extended family played a large role in my early days. I never really knew my Father's family that well...his Mother died in 1987, four years before I was born, and from what I've been told she was very warm and affectionate. Things probably would have been different if she was alive when I was born, and I have always wished that I could have known her, since everyone says that the two of us would have gotten along very well. My Dad's father is a lot like my own Father. He is definitely not one for showing warmth or affection, and I maybe only saw him once or twice a year even though we lived in the same city. He is an AMAZING man though and I will for sure write more about him on here later.
My Mom's family on the other hand went WILD when I was born. My Grandma was constantly bragging about me (in twenty one years that hasn't changed at all to be honest), and spoiled me rotten with affection. My Zeyda (Yiddish for Grandfather), was just as crazy about me! He was an interesting fellow and I am afraid to write too much about him on here because he was quite the criminal, and conman. I never saw that side of him however, and was absolutely wild about him. In the first five years of my life he was by far my favourite relative, and gave me the affection and attention that I just couldn't seem to get from my own Father. Then there was my Aunt who is like a second Mother to me, even today. Both my Aunt and my Mom had a very screwed up life thanks to my Zeyda, but my Aunt was definitely more affected by it, and was still living with my Grandma at the time I was born. My Grandma and Zeyda were separated, but I always saw them together, but knew they didn't live in the same house. One of my earliest memories is looking at my Grandma's diamond ring that my Zeyda had got her when they were married, she still never takes it off, and in her own way (though she'll never admit it), she still loves him I am sure of it, even though he put her through a lot of crap.
I also have a whole lot of cousins on my Mother's side...much too many to write about. However, my Mom's second cousin has been my Dad's best friend since they were five years old. He married a woman from Israel and the two of them are my godparents, and for the first ten years of my life were basically my second set of parents. Fourteen months after I was born they had their own daughter Alex, automatically we became best friends, probably because we were forced into it. At the same time she was the first person I ever really LOVED. At such a young age there was nothing I wouldn't do for her, and I saw her as a younger, more vulnerable person that I needed to protect. In all honesty, she was my childhood.

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