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"The Guy With a Gun" 


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A few years back, my wife and I lived in a really crummy apartment complex. The complex was actually 2 buildings, there was a building for low income people (where we lived) and a building kitty corner to us which was a 55 and older community. One day I was driving by the 55 and older building when I noticed a gentleman walking through the front door. As I drove by, I couldn't help but notice the rifle in his hands. I drove around the block trying to decide if I really saw what I thought I saw and what I should do about it if I did. I finally decided to circle back and go into the building. I had no intention of confronting the guy with the firearm but I thought that maybe I could at least warn the people inside or in a worst case scenario, help drag injured residents to safety. I parked my car and entered the building through a side door. I stopped just inside the door and listened for a minute. No shots, no screaming. Nothing to indicate that there was a problem. There WAS a problem though. A guy had just gone through the front door to the building with a gun! Cautiously, I poked my head into the hallway and looked both ways. Nothing. I quickly walked into the hall and quickly started making my way toward the office (which was right inside the door where the guy with the gun had entered.) When I got to the office, one of the other residents was frantically telling the office manager about the guy with the gun who had just entered. Now you have to understand that the 55 and older building is full of residents who are older. Some have the beginnings of dementia, some have mental issues, and some are on medications which make their minds do funny things so the office manager was skeptical of the lady's story. I quickly assured her that this woman was telling the truth and that I had seen the guy as well. The office manager went from annoyed to totally freaked out in a matter of a second. The three of us went outside and the lady pointed out the car from which the gunman had emerged. At that point the office manager got even more freaked out because apparently she had a history with the driver of the car in question. I took a picture of the car and it's license plate with my phone because it seemed like a good idea at the time and within seconds after that, police began arriving at the building. There were squad cars pulled up over the curb and a bunch of tense looking officers going every which way. After I told the office manager and police everything I saw, I left. I never did find out what happened. No one could tell me anything because of confidentiality. Apparently nothing much came of it because there was no shooting. I don't even think there was an arrest. Life went on as normal after that but it was a tense few minutes. To this day, most people who know me don't know that I went into a building after a guy who had a gun. I'm sure most of my family and friends would be furious if they found out. I knew that if he started shooting in there though, there would be a bunch of defenseless seniors who wouldn't have had a chance. Maybe it was the right thing to do... maybe it wasn't. I'll leave that for the reader to decide. I'm just glad that nothing happened and that the debate is mostly hypothetical.

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