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"My third visit to Thailand" 


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Chapter 34 my third visit to Thailand

it was some months before I returned to Thailand but I had been in constant contact with Nicky by email and telephone so my romance was still going strong she would occasionally ask me to send money which I happily did, on one occasion having a telephone conversation with her I asked her if she was still a cock virgin and she admitted that she was not; I was quite let down with this as she had refused to have sex with me for the previous six months that I was with her, I thought it was a bit much for her to go and allow another man to have sex with her.


When I arrived in Thailand I booked again into the Nana hotel and when she came to visit me as was her routine she told me the story, apparently one of the security guards of the Superstar travelling troupe has seduced her whilst they were away and he had had unprotected sex with her on more than one occasion that first night, the following day he took her to the chemist and got her some morning after pills and from then on they used a condom, she was now very busy with studies and had given up working for Pretty Girl and he was just a memory.


I was not too happy with the story but realised that now the door was open and from that time on we had regular sex I used a condom until I had gotten her checked out at the local hospital and proved to be HIV free and from then on it was bareback enjoyment, I visited her family in Udon Thani, staying at a hotel there and a few days after my arrival they organised a minibus trip to the seaside; I didn’t fancy spending hours in a minibus to travel to the seaside but I still had to pay for the trip and minibus which cost me 4000 baht for the day, Nicky’s young siblings and mother and father went and apparently they had a good time

Her younger sister and brother together with a another young female relative used to come to the hotel to swim in the hotel’s pool which was very quiet at the time and after the swim the young girls would run naked down the side of the pool to the shower and back again for us to dry them off Nicky doing one and me doing the other, I visited the house of her parents a typical primitive Thai dwelling; and we went out to eat at a local restaurant about eight of us the total bill I remember was less than 2000 baht the problem was I was there at Songkran time, this is the period in Thailand where it is quite acceptable for the whole of the population to douse everybody and anybody with water, pickup trucks would be equipped with 50 gallon drums and hordes of children and young adults in the back with washing bowls and it was quite acceptable for them to drive around and a washing bowl of water would be thrown over anybody that they could reach; another vehicle similarly equipped would induce an all-out water battle much fun was had by all, but I unfortunately I was travelling light and I had very few changes of clothes so I spent most of the day soaking wet and I came out in the mornings although dry I didn’t stay that way for very long nevertheless it’s an annual tradition and it is Thailand after all, the best part about it was some of the younger girls wearing flimsy shirts when they got soaked with water they revealed much more than they would normally.


I remember the flight up from Bangkok to Udon Thani Nicky had never flown before so I thought it would be a pleasant experience for her but whether it was nerves or for some other reason but she settled down in the window seat and despite the fact it was only an hour’s flight she spent most of the time fast asleep not really interested in the flight at all, so I thought so be it; we arrived were met by the family at the airport and transported by pickup truck to the family house where I was made very welcome and they sent out for extra bottles of beer, me paying of course, so we proceeded to have a party that very afternoon, out to dinner in the evening and back to the hotel with Nicky for more sexual activities, since we first met, Nicky was always willing to give me a blow job whenever I requested; so now I was have having regular intercourse with her she could easily be described as a two hole girl I resolved to change this over the next few weeks and gradually introduced to anal sex she did not find this too stressful as I was using plenty of lubricant and being able to ride bareback with plenty of time.

It became a regular practice until it was a routine exercise, we returned to the Nana and continued with our romance I was having a thoroughly good time but it was proving quite expensive I was required to pay her university college fees of 34,000 baht every three months, her shopping was also quite extravagant until in the end I said I’m not going shopping with you any more I did however on occasion concede that she needed something and I would go with her for special purposes this did include regular visits to the chemists for her beauty products which were always on our shopping list on another occasion she required to have a new mobile telephone so we took a trip to Robinsons on Sukumvit road and she proceeded to pick out the most expensive mobile telephone that she could find you could buy a phone in those days for 2000 baht but the one she chose I remember well was 23,000 baht, I'd already agreed for her to have one so I could not very well argue with her; but I had to make three trips to the ATM as I could only draw out 10,000 baht at a time.

Ah such is life on another occasion she said I must go shopping I need some more jeans I remember her sister and her cousin were with us at the time and we went into the jean shop in a big shopping complex and they bought jeans for Nicky her sister, cousin, her mother and her father and I remember distinctly on the way out she said ‘Oh I forgot my brother” I ushered them out of the shop thinking enough is enough.


But I was enjoying myself immensely I used to persuade her to go shopping with me without any knickers on and I do I remember trying to get her to look at things on the bottom shelf so that I could peak at her pussy whilst we were out shopping; we also used to go to a bar just along the road to play pool Nicky with a short skirt and no knickers playing pool in this bar with me, quite exciting if she lent over the table you could nearly see the promised land, a delightful spot and so cunningly concealed.


Another little exercise I used to do was to get her to wear a button-down blouse and a very slack bra so that if she leaned forward revealing quite a lot bosom I would very often take her on the skytrain and get her to sit in the seat just inside the door with just a glass partition between her seat and the entrance, if she sat there anyone standing in the doorway could look down her shirt her at beautiful bosom; which I encouraged her to do sometimes sitting on the opposite side of the carriage, I don't know why but it excited me to show off her tits to various young men and some not so young as we travelled along on the skytrain.




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