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"The Sage of Sedona" 


Date Range: 03/15/2009 To 07/20/2100   Comments: 0   Views: 316
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The Sage
Richard Ozanne
The Road Across-
Time can be a punishment for the little informed. Constant ticking for the common person can be annoying settlement of the mundane, piercing sentiment of an hourglass being turned on end.
Clocks have only a functional bearing to some, but unfortunately not others.
Now take into consideration a marvel, of ancient times to present..
A Modern Era Sage Sitting Beside the Road in the hot desert sun: 
Living in the present.
    Not living in the past, have advantages. He is free fromhistory or lessons and memory of yesterday. This makes us realize how powerful forgetting can be, assuming new lives and skills (reborn and realized) with the instrument of each second passing.
He knows no stress
"I can walk he says, instead of sit", he says to himself, but does not have a determination of where he wants to go, or why he would want to be there.
He is a Sage. A Wanderer, and Shaman.
Cars pass. He has not solved the word "destination" since future is a contradiction to his purpose...only possessing a Zen.
Where he comes from is no consequence,nor can it ever be...since past is no concern either.
He waits, in the hot sun...
"Being Still"
Water or food does not concern him.
Air is a breathy necessity...somehow.
Worry for the next breath or the heat of the powerful and baking sun, has no affect, because he is purposely ignorant to
Seconds tick,
The remainder, hours do consume...
There is a sunrise and a sun set. 
Another day passes.
Each  lesson of time may always represent a new experience, to be learned again, practiced again without perfection being a singular goal...We can be born anew each minute...leaving the past taken for granted in a haze of yesterday. 
Yes, tomorrow may possess a problem. But in the current, time frozen present, there can be absolutely no concept of future, or tomorrow making an interesting Zen state to be realized.
We may not know of what the Sage learned however in this experiment....
He is a Sage, a knowing one.
He knows not hot, nor cold...because sensation has to repeatedly be relearned...
He floats on air, 
being neither living nor dead..

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