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"I can't get over it." 


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Kody and I had been together since my sophomore year and his freshman year of High School. We started out as friends, and as we became closer friends, our feelings for each other also grew. When we fist started dating, Kody was this innocent boy who was too shy to talk to anyone. He was smart, and well mannered and his parents were sweet. I was his first girlfriend, and I guess that's what made me like him even more. We dated for almost two whole years, and to some of you, that isn't that long. But for two teenagers, that seems like forever. I say "almost two whole years" because he decided to break up with me, the day before our two year anniversary. Before breaking up with me, things weren't going that well. I had noticed myself not feeling anything when we kissed and he was always trying to have sex with me. I am a virgin, and so was he. But it didn't feel right to have sex with him. I could tell that he was getting frustrated with me about it, but he said that he loved me and that if I wasn't ready that's okay. He then started to hang out with his friends, who are not good influences, more often than ever, and never invited me to join them. It made me mad, and we would argue about it. I felt bad, because I shouldn't be so controlling, but I couldn't help it. I don't like who he was hanging out with, they are liars and thieves. But I ignored it and just said he could go. One night, however, he told me that we could go on a date later but he had to help his dad first. I said alright that's fine and that was it. But when I saw his moms car at the school and her nowhere to be found, I began to worry so I called her and she wouldn't pick up the phone. When I called his dad, he answered and I asked if Kody's mom was at the school. He then responded saying no she's right here, why? and I told him it was because her car is at school. I then asked where kody was and his dad said, I thought he was with you. That's when I knew something was wrong. I called Kody and no answer. So i called Miranda, which is one of his friends. She answered and when i asked if kody was there, she was hesitant to say no. I then asked her again and to be truthful and she said yes he's here riding horses with us. I was furious! How could he lie to me like that! I told him that it was fine if he hung out with his friends and we hadn't argued about it in a while. When I asked him that, his response was that he didn't want me angry. But why would he think that a lie wouldn't be worse? The phone call was a long one, full of tears and cuss words and I had enough. I hung up and was done. But when I went to the school to care for my livestock, I ran into him and he seemed to want forgiveness, we kissed and made up. After that, things were kind of looking up, or so I thought. He got me great Christmas gifts, and we visited his family which I was close with and they greeted me with gifts as well. On the day before our anniversary, he finally invited me to go with his friends to go horseback riding. I was excited! The night went well. I hadn't been on a horse in many years so Kody helped me onto the horse and helped me learn how to ride. I thought it was very romantic. He wasn't really acting himself though, but he just kept telling everyone that his stomach was hurting, so I just assumed that he wasn't feeling well. After horseback riding, we went to Miranda's house and played on the wii and shared laughs. While kody drove me home he was pretty quite, but i blew it off. We got to my house and asked if I wanted him to walk me to my door. I thought that was an odd question because he usually always walked me to the door without hesitation. I told him it's okay, you don't have to, in hopes that he would do it anyway, but he didn't. Once again I just ignored it and told him that I would see him tomorrow for our date and said goodnight. A couple of minutes after he dropped me off, I got a text from him saying hey. It was weird because usually his text to me were something around the lines of hey babe. I texted him back hey and he then sent is anything on your mind? I knew something was wrong when he sent that so I called him. He told me that he just wasn't happy anymore, that he still loves me but, with me going to college next year, he just doesn't think I will trust him enough by himself. Which he wasn't wrong about. I had lost trust in him a long time ago when we hit a rough spot and he cheated on me. But for some reason I just thought that he had changed and we would work it out. We ended our conversation as broken up. It didn't actually upset me for the first few days afterwards. But when school started back up that monday, he was hanging out with miranda and miranda's best friend. I knew right away, that something was going on with Kody and Miranda's friend Christina. When I asked Kody about it, he told me that him and Christina are just friends and that he isn't ready for a relationship yet. I wanted to believe him. But while driving home one day, I ended up behind his truck, and he was in there kissing Christina. It broke my heart. Not only did he lie to me, but he didn't even have enough respect for me to give our break up some time. Ever since then, he's always with her. How could he just forget everything we had together?

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