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Date Range: 12/31/1993 To 01/01/2004   Comments: 0   Views: 247
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I was born in Yakutsk, Russia on 31 December 1993. My mother Jun was 13, and my Father Neto who was 20. We lived with My Fathers twin sister Lyeto and her 6 year old son Jyro. It was only about 1 month after i was born, that my mother was pregnant again, and still 13. I dont remember being this yyoung but in October of 1994 my sister Kasandra Sentrov was born. 2 months later, my Aunt Lyeto gave birth to twins Lyro(male)and Lyria(female). My Aunt had a house built next door,which she,her boyfriend, and her 3 children moved into as the closest other home was atleast 6 kilometres away, as we lived up from Yakutsk. 1 year later, my mother became pregnant again. with her being 15 and my father being 22. On the 5 August 1996, my Second Sister Netera was born. The next year my mother became pregnant again, and in october of 1997 my third sister Makyra was born. This is the earliest thing i can remember in my life, as i was 3 turning 4. I was homeschooled by my father, starting at the age of 5. In April 1999 my Aunt Lyeto had another child, named Kentuk. Her chilldren were given Sentrov as a surname. Also later that year in November, my first brother, Tomas was born. I didnt really care about anything my Father was teaching me at school, and i never learned any of what he taught. And i would have been a very ignorant child. At the age of 8 our family we travelled to mongolia, to find out about my grandparents(Mothers Parents). I cant remember much, and dont actually remember them, but we found them, and they didnt want anything to o with my mother. They also revealed that they had a son who was 5 at the time. They told my mother to take him with her. So my Uncle Victor Bangtakor was added to the family. This same year Lyeto's boyfriend, and father of my cousins, went missing one night and never came back. To make room in our house, Victor moved in with Lyeto. I was always good friends with my oldest sister Kasandra. But i would always fight with Nereta and Makyra. And my brother Tomas didnt speak untill the age of 4. I remember when i was 9 and my cousin Jyro who was 15, Took the family car and me along down to Yakutsk. He went into a house but left me there so i walked around. when i went back the car was gone. I spent 2 hours that night walking back home being very scared. In January of 2003, my second brother Jonven was born. My mother was 22 and my Father was 29. This same year Aunt Lyeto moved to Canada, but kept her children with us. At the end of 2003 i turned 10.

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