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"Age 10-12" 


Date Range: 12/31/2003 To 04/29/2006   Comments: 0   Views: 225
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I played Football(soccer) and started at the age of 10. I wasnt very good so they put me as Goalkeeper. at 10 i still didnt care about school, and it was like i tricked my father into beleiving i enjoyed his schooling. My other Siblings who were old enough, went to an actual school which was in Yakutsk. My oldest sister Kasandra decided to go there from being homeschooled at age 9. In February 2005 when i was 11 my 4th sister, Netira was born. Also my Cousin Jyro who was 18 moved to belgium. When i was 12 in January 2006, My 5th and Final sister was born. I remember the same year my oldest sister Kasandra had a boyfriend. I dont know why but in a way it made me feel jealous. Its hard to explain, but its not anything that was innapropriate, it was because she was my bestfriend. In April of 2006 my parents went on a trip to drive to Saudi Arabia. They didnt phone us when they were suppose to arrive and 2 weeks after there was still no contact. Finally in May of 2006 we got a call saying they had been killed while driving thorugh Afghanistan. This was the worse moment in my life ever. I remember just lying in my bed for 4 days. I was 12 years old. I was tthe oldest in the family that was left. My Siblings, were aged, Kasandra 11, Nereta 9, Makyra 8, Tomas 5, Jonven 3, Netira 1, and Aryla 4 months old. My cousins were Lyro 11, Lyria 11, Victor 10, and Kentuk had just turned 7. We were all so young. And we had no one to look after us. I had to be incharge at age 12, a kid who ignored everything he had ever been taught. This was where i decided to learn for myslef.

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