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Where do we begin? at the womb of our mother or the first time we inhale the polluted air? I really cant answer that question but in some cases it comes down to religion however my story is not dependant on religion its more focused on me being born.

I was at the prestigious age of 8 of a child's life i had recently started taking education seriously and started to have more serious conversations with my parents, so less about how the cow umped over the moon and more about my own life before i was 5. I have very bad memory.. i would forget my own brother's name if we were kept apart for a year or two i don't know how that reflects on what type of a person i am but i'am pretty ashamed of it... I was quite a trouble child well in  some cases more than others well you see i was accused of being short tempered and in some cases maybe even crazy the funny thing is the person who called me all these was my own mother well thanks Mum you were right. However there was this one argument in particular, this was the great phrase of my life where i found out i was a 'mistake' and that my parent did not actually want me and that they tried their best to kill me off when i was still a embryo however i stuck on to the little life force i had and survived but i had a serious issue my bones were weaker than a normal persons due to all the murderous things my parents did to get rid of me.. maybe i already knew i was a mistake that's why maybe just maybe i have been trying to kill myself.

Aged 3 years old baby Ekram cute as a butterfly and small enough to fit through a dog kennel door living life to his fullest nearly died would you believe it or not.. My mum left me in my room all alone with the bathroom door opened with a bucket of water just big enough for a baby to drown in was it by purpose? well i don't really know but we cant really blame her can we? a mistake a extra mouth to feed why would you want to keep him? well i cant recall anything before the age of 5 there are many reasons the number one being i am brain damaged; aged 5 Ekram who not only survived the abortion techniques the warrior has also survived drowning can anything finish him off? what if he fell off the roof of a three story building hes only 5 hes still a baby he wont survive but i live another day to tell you my very badly written story; in that 'accident' i broke my collar bone which prevents any movement for 6 weeks and needs a minimum of 6 years to heal but would it take that long for me to have another accident? i don't think so.

Ekram Rahman growing into a healthy boy prepared for the worlds worst well that's what i thought before the person i was sleeping with which just happened to be my Mum at the age of 9 i somehow fell off my bed hitting the sweet cracked sport to break my collar bone again again preventing movement for 6 weeks and another 6 years to heal but this ruled of many things.. my chances of being a pilot or even joining the army were canceled due to my injury prone body.

A year passed i was back in shape full of energy ready for the world again but my head that sustained injuries in the past when i fell of the roof of a three story building was damaged again my own brother the only person by this time i could trust had split my head in half by 'mistake' at least he tried to save me.. he carried me to my bed which i have a brief memory of a white sheet with a yellow flower pattern turned red in anguish it looked like the end of the world... no one was home only my useless older brother and a phone which we had no idea how to use and then came my savior... till this day i call him my angel our security guard in Burma where my dad was currently working came to have a look at the boiler and saw a hall way filled with red streaks and a bed that looked like a blood bath almost a scene out of a Saw movie. The guard carried me to the nearest hospital where i still remember the sharp needles digging into my scalp... 11.. 11 was the magic number.. the number of stitches it took to put my head together and i took it like a champ i really don't understand what all the comotion was about humpty.

Its been a long haul i am 15 now and still surviving clinging on to every day as it comes.. i now live in the UK where my dad now works and today was the day my dad told me i am a failure a 'mistake' but i proved them wrong.. their mentally retarded kid the one who cant have a physically durable job in the future who cant keep his head cool and has almost died uncountable times through out his life has achieved something.. their kid who was recommended to have their selves checked out for mentality issues who's thumb was broken before his most important biology exam in his age who was the 'mistake' has proved them wrong... I achieved 13 A's in my GCSE's and have been accepted into every college i have applied to.. I have got a grade point average of 7 the second best in my local area and all this for what.. maybe ill have a perfect future but i did all this while being mentally retarded for the people who made this 'mistake'.. for the people i will never want to see in my life again.

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