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So I Guess I Always ... (1991-2012)
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""Well Mommy, you must not have been very smart"" 


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My first real "life moment", came at the age of four. Up until then, I did not know hurt, or anger. It came one Saturday morning, when I woke up early, excited for my usual routine of going out for lunch with my Grandma and Zeyda. I jumped into my clothes, and ran to sit by the window to wait for my Grandparents. That was when my Mom came and sat beside me. She told me that my Zeyda would not be coming today, but my Grandma would. "Why?" I asked confused, "where's Zeyda?" "I don't know," was my Mother's response. "How do you NOT KNOW?" I asked confused, how did my beloved Zeyda just disappear like this? "Well Chelsea, when I was a little girl Zeyda would go away a lot just like this, and I wouldn't know where he was," said my Mom, and without missing a beat I looked at her and said "well then Mommy you must not have been very smart."

Later my parents found out that my Zeyda had fled to Toronto because people were after him. Not only were they threatening him, they began to threaten my brother and I. Our daycare had to put in brand new security systems, my Mom was freaking out every time we left the house. Of course my brother and I had no idea of any of this, and carried on as normal. My parents however, decided they needed to do something about it. My Father's best friend (Alexis' father), had just got a job as Deputy Minister for Children and Families for the Government of British Columbia, and informed my Father that they were still looking for a new Minister. My Father applied, and then got the job that was to begin in the fall of 1996, the same time I was to start kindergarten. My parents told my brother and I that we were moving "far away" to a place called Victoria, where it was "very green". After I was informed of this I would burst into tears at the very thought of leaving Montreal "but honey Alexis is going to come with you! It will be an adventure!" I didn't want an adventure, I wanted to stay in Montreal with my Aunt, my Grandma, and my cousins. Of course I had no say in this matter, and in August of 1996, I was forced onto an airplane with my Mom, Alexis' Mom, Eitan, and Sean (our Father's were in Victoria already getting our new homes ready) after a very emotional goodbye to my immediate family. After several hours we touched down in a "very green" city that was to be my home for the next 11 years.

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