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So I Guess I Always ... (1991-2012)
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The minute I landed in Victoria I hated it, and I was only five. On our second day there our parents took us to the beach, and I spent the whole day sitting on a rock sulking, as my brother, Alexis, and Eitan laughed and played. Our home was however impressive, for the first time I had a HUGE backyard, and my Father had even built a treehouse for my brother and I! Alexis lived just about 30 seconds away, right around the corner in our small suburb of Oak Bay. The first thing I noticed about Victoria was because of the amazing climate it was the perfect place for older people to retire, which meant it was devoid of any young people. "Are there ANY kids that live here besides us?" I kept asking Alexis. When I would walk down the street with my godmother and Alexis people would stare at us because we would be chatting away in Hebrew. Also, everyone was white. It was quite the culture shock, even for a five year old. 

On our third day in quiet Oak Bay, Alexis and I decided to occupy ourselves by playing in my backyard, since mine was the one with the treehouse. I had never felt so close to my best friend before, she was my life line to back home, and I felt that if I HAD to live here, at least I wasn't going to have to endure it alone. After playing for awhile, much to our delight, the two of us heard voices--young voices, coming from the yard next door! Alex and I looked at each other in disbelief, and then ran over to the gigantic fence that separated my yard from the neighbours. "HELLO!" Alexis shouted, "HELLO" a young voice shouted back. "Are you the little girl who moved next door?" the voice asked. "No I'm Alexis, that's my best friend Chelsea who moved here too!" "How old are you?" asked the voice. "I'm four, and Chelsea is five. How old are you?" "My brother Judah is ten, and I'm seven, my name is Mitchi." "You should come over!" I suggested, and moments later a beautiful mixed race boy was playing with us in our backyard. Mitch was Chinese/Irish, and had already been dancing professionally for three years. The youngest of six children, he was home-schooled because his Mother felt he was too "strange" for a school setting. From that day on he was the missing piece of our puzzle. The three of us were inseparable, and Victoria got a little brighter.

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